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Hermina Van Coillie

Hermina Van Coillie, Dr. in psychology, is a motivation expert, keynote speaker, lecturer in several HRM postgraduate courses, author, senior consultant and business manager at Flourish

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Speaker, Workshops, Trainer, Coach, Consultant

English, Dutch

Engagement, Trust, Psychological Safety, High Quality Motivation, Anger & Aggression Management, Compensation & Performance, Feedback


Hermina Van Coillie, Ph.D. in Psychology, is an esteemed motivation expert, keynote speaker, lecturer in various HRM postgraduate courses, author, senior consultant, and business manager at Flourish. In April 2021, she debuted her first book, co-authored with Prof. Dr. Anja van den Broeck, titled "Motivating Without Control: Getting Started with Self-Determination Theory in the Workplace!" published by Die Keure.

Renowned for her captivating presentations, Hermina is in high demand, delivering keynotes, inspiration sessions, masterclasses, workshops, and training sessions to diverse audiences, including business leaders, HR directors, managers, executives, prevention advisors, and coaching teams. Her unique approach brings to life the profound insights of self-determination theory, offering practical applications not only in the workplace but also in personal and recreational settings.

With her charismatic presence, authenticity, and expertise, Hermina engages her audience, delivering new and practical insights grounded in years of dedicated research. Eschewing excessive theories, she empowers individuals by unveiling the innate motivations within them. Her interactive sessions, filled with thought-provoking questions, humorous anecdotes, and relatable situations, resonate with audiences across various backgrounds, leaving them with actionable insights ready for immediate implementation.

Hermina's expertise extends beyond mere motivation, encompassing a wide array of HR themes such as burnout, well-being, leadership, remote and flexible working, performance management, work-life balance, and more. Through her presentations, she illustrates how high-quality motivation serves as a catalyst for peak performance and personal flourishing, ultimately transforming individuals into high performers across all facets of life.


Motivating Compensation Leads to Outstanding Performance

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Harnessing Self-Determination Theory for Effective Salary and Bonus Systems

Workshop: Managing Anger and Aggression in the Workplace

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Strategies for Leaders, HR Professionals, and Coaches to Foster a Positive Work Environment

How do you communicate deeply and with impact?

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Speak the ABC language, and connect deeply with your employees.

How to conduct a motivating and non-irritating (performance) conversation?

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Make it meaningful!

High Quality motivation

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How do you ensure that your employees deliver top performance? And that they feel good and full of energy at work? In short, that your employees, customers and your entire organization blossom?

How do you increase psychological safety in your team?

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A critical success factor for innovation, retention and growth.

The fascinating dynamic between trust, control, and supervision in the workplace

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And why trust is the solution

Hermina takes you as a listener into the world of research on human behavior in a playful and approachable way. Whether it is about motivation, communication or leadership, again and again she knows how to convey a number of findings from scientific research in a clear and accessible way to her audience. Larded with examples taken from life, as well as experiences from her personal life. She does not shy away from critical questions and reservations from her audience and succeeds in allowing everyone to find their own value through her connecting way of communicating.


Frank Vander Sijpe, Director HR Trends & Insights

ABC sounds good. But the power of the terms goes much further. Making ABC a daily reality in your leadership practice is less obvious for some of us. With her powerful combination of scientific foundation and to-the-point examples, Hermina inspired the HR team to make our supportive leadership initiatives - and building a culture of trust - even more focused and meaningful.


Jan Van Acoleyen, Chief Human Resources

I was looking last-minute for a worthy speaker for a webinar around motivation so I ended up with Hermina. She exceeded my expectations. Her pragmatic and flexible approach made for a very well prepared presentation. Moreover, she delivered her science-based keynote in a very pleasant, professional manner. And all that in a short period of time. Hermina is highly recommended if you are looking for a specialist in motivation.


Toon Schouteden, Product Manager

Engagement, motivation ... and how is this linked to well being, performance and retention? Hermina succeeds in communicating recent scientific research in an insightful way. She provokes thought and provides tools to work with this using the ABC method. The great thing is that this can be used in very different target groups. Definitely something we want to explore further.

Johnson & Johnson

Ingrid Dierckx, HR director Supply Chain

Hermina is a driven and enthusiastic lady and speaks straight from the heart. With her passion for the ZDT, how motivation works, she easily takes the whole room with her. Her insights are scientifically based and supplemented with numerous examples from business, non-profit and her private life. Motivating your children in the right way is no easy task either. This makes her keynotes very recognizable, directly applicable and inspiring. Hermina makes sure that the ABC of motivation sticks and gives concrete tools that you yourself (as a manager, HR manager, mother or father) can get to work with.

HP Belgium

Martine Van Camp, HR Country Lead

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