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The fascinating dynamic between trust, control, and supervision in the workplace

And why trust is the solution

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Why do we control our employees? Not because we enjoy it, but often out of fear that if we don't control them, they won't do anything or won't perform optimally. We control because we think it's necessary. 

Well, no one likes to be controlled. Your employees don't either. And deep down, you know that. But what should you do then? Because, once again, if you don't control them, maybe nothing will happen. 

The solution lies in "trust." And this is the core of this keynote: If you want to motivate your team without control, ensure that you work on building trust! In this keynote, you will learn how to do that. 

You will receive a scientific definition of trust that works incredibly well. In other words, a tool that you can immediately put into practice. It enables you to address the challenging and weighty topic of "trust" in a highly discussable manner. 

You will also receive exercises, tips, and a lot of background information that you can directly apply in your work environment. 

But should you let go of everything immediately? Absolutely not. It is crucial to continue supervising. If you don't follow up on your people, provide feedback, or address their mistakes, they will eventually think that their work doesn't matter anymore. Whether they arrive on time or not? No one says anything. Submitting a report full of errors? Not a problem, no one will look at it anyway. 

By not supervising your people, you create the risk of making their work meaningless. 

In this keynote, you will learn the difference between controlling and supervising and how to increase trust among your people!

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Hermina Van Coillie, Ph.D. in Psychology, is an esteemed motivation expert, keynote speaker, lecturer in various HRM postgraduate courses, author, senior consultant, and business manager at Flourish. In April 2021, she debuted her first book, co-authored with Prof. Dr. Anja van den Broeck, titled "Motivating Without Control: Getting Started with Self-Determination Theory in the Workplace!" published by Die Keure.

Renowned for her captivating presentations, Hermina is in high demand, delivering keynotes, inspiration sessions, masterclasses, workshops, and training sessions to diverse audiences, including business leaders, HR directors, managers, executives, prevention advisors, and coaching teams. Her unique approach brings to life the profound insights of self-determination theory, offering practical applications not only in the workplace but also in personal and recreational settings.

With her charismatic presence, authenticity, and expertise, Hermina engages her audience, delivering new and practical insights grounded in years of dedicated research. Eschewing excessive theories, she empowers individuals by unveiling the innate motivations within them. Her interactive sessions, filled with thought-provoking questions, humorous anecdotes, and relatable situations, resonate with audiences across various backgrounds, leaving them with actionable insights ready for immediate implementation.

Hermina's expertise extends beyond mere motivation, encompassing a wide array of HR themes such as burnout, well-being, leadership, remote and flexible working, performance management, work-life balance, and more. Through her presentations, she illustrates how high-quality motivation serves as a catalyst for peak performance and personal flourishing, ultimately transforming individuals into high performers across all facets of life.

Hermina Van Coillie

Hermina Van Coillie, Dr. in psychology, is a motivation expert, keynote speaker, lecturer in several HRM postgraduate courses, author, senior consultant and business manager at Flourish

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