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Keynotes and speakers on 

Motivation & Ownership

Delve into inspiring keynotes and expert speakers focused on motivation and ownership. 

Motivated and engaged employees who take ownership of their work are key drivers of success for any organization. 

Booking a keynote speaker on motivation and ownership can provide valuable insights, strategies, and practical tools to empower individuals, foster a positive work culture, and boost overall productivity and performance. 

Discover our curated list of motivation and ownership-focused keynotes and speakers, and inspire your teams to take initiative, drive results, and achieve excellence in their roles!

Isabelle Gonnissen

Boost your motivation

Choose Positive!

Fiona Passantino

Listening and Creating a Culture of Collaboration

As we enter the post-Covid period in our history and battle the demons of the Great Resignation, listening to what we need is more important than ever. Keeping employees happy and not quitting is now a matter of business survival.

Isabel De Clercq

Unlock Your Career Potential

Debunking Myths and Empowering Action

Isabel De Clercq

How's Work?

7 Lies About Work and What Actually Works

Hermina Van Coillie

Motivating Compensation Leads to Outstanding Performance

Harnessing Self-Determination Theory for Effective Salary and Bonus Systems

Véronique De Prycker


Be excellent in every aspect of your life

Bert Van Wassenhove

A trip along the yellow brick road of new organization models

A journey along a variety of alternative ways of working, managing and building businesses, from the network economy to sociocracy 3.0

Tanja Verheyen

Career twists

Think twice about promotion

Hermina Van Coillie

High Quality motivation

How do you ensure that your employees deliver top performance? And that they feel good and full of energy at work? In short, that your employees, customers and your entire organization blossom?

Frans van de Ven

Personal leadership as key to successful hybrid working

Personal leadership is key and critical in dealing with the challenges of a hybrid VUCA world

Marnick Vandebroek

The Winning Mindset for leaders

How to deal with change and prime your team and yourself for success

Johan Terryn

The power of regret as a compass for the future

How do you use regret as a feedback instrument to make better decisions in the future?

Herre Zonderland

Manage your Energy to excel

How do you ensure a high performance culture, right now?

Marnick Vandebroek

Stand Up to Stand Out

How to build trust in the workplace and inspire people to take action?

Rik Moons

Why your solution is the problem

How far do you guide your team, and at what point do you set them free?

Hilde Helsen

Dreamers who Do

Each of us has a dream that we can realize with love and support from others

Julie Heyvaert

How to motivate your team?


Cedric Dumont

Dare to jump!

Empower success in times of disruption: dare, lead, grow and flow

Orianne Aymard

A Woman at the Top : One Story of Resilience & Self-Leadership

Brain Hemorrhage Survivor who climbed the highest mountains in the world, Everest and Lhotse

Dominique Monami

Winning mindset

The right mindset is key to be successful!

Fiona Passantino

Engage, Connect, Inspire your teams

a Roadmap for Leaders

Julie Heyvaert

How to boost engagement through human relations?

Experience moment

Inge van Belle

Employee Engagement, what else?

The 12 drivers of engagement and as a unique asset in the war for talent

Nancy Vermeulen

The sky is not your limit

Unleashing potential through space exploration

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