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How to motivate your team?


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We are in constant evolution as an organization, as a team and as individuals. How can you as a leader stay close to what motivates yourself ànd your team members?

Do you know what brings them into a state of flow? What they value most in their role? Where do they want to develop? How do you set up conversations with them on this matter?

What if you could bring in a coaching leadership style here? We share with you the self-determination theory as a framework combined with pragmatic tips on how you can boost autonomy, competence, belonging ànd purpose in your team. Those are thé key drivers for more motivation in your teams. What does that mean in your context, that is where I want to dive in together.

Finally we will facilitate a reflection moment with your colleague leaders on this topic. All in order to boost the flow and motivation.

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Julie's mission is to systematically increase engagement in the workplace, emphasizing the concept of bringing more FLOW into work environments. Flow represents a state of mind where individuals are highly engaged, motivated, and focused. It involves being completely immersed in tasks, driven by a powerful energetic force. Studies indicate that we spend only about 5% of our time in flow states, a statistic Julie aims to change. This motivation led her to establish her company – Flowspire, which seeks to foster connections within organizations and inspire employees to achieve better results for themselves, their colleagues, and society as a whole.

Enhanced wellbeing and engagement contribute to stronger brands, increased loyalty, greater creativity, agility, and ultimately better outcomes—a proven fact. Julie brings unique perspectives to this arena due to her diverse background as a commercial engineer and over 15 years of international business experience. She has developed expertise in areas such as employer branding, change management, cultural shifts, leadership, and facilitation, working with companies of varying sizes from small to medium enterprises to multinational corporations.

In her role as an Employee Engagement Architect and Facilitator, Julie formulates comprehensive change plans and ignites transformative movements within organizations. Additionally, she serves as a lecturer at Thomas More University, teaching courses on HR Trends and Employee Engagement. Julie is widely recognized for her high energy, deep expertise, and is esteemed for her balanced approach that combines results-driven strategies with a genuine care for people.

Julie Heyvaert

Employee Engagement Architect. Julie’s mission is to drive for more human energy on the workfloor.

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