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Career twists

Think twice about promotion

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A career does not have to be linearly ascending to be satisfying. Taking a step back now and then to study again, to (re)find the balance between work and life, to regain the feeling that you can handle your job or to be able to make a difference through individual attainments - these are all good reasons to think twice about that promotion.

In this session you will learn:

  • That there is a linear career with promotion as ultimate success

  • But there is also a boundaryless career with demotion as an opportunity

  • The win-win of taking a step back

  • Tips and tricks how to handle a step back

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Tanja is a strong believer in ownership, lifelong learning, and the power of trust. She is author of several books on demotion. Tanja holds a master's degree in communication sciences and a PhD in applied economics.

Tanja Verheyen

Passionate, driven communication expert, specialised in career twists

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