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Tanja Verheyen

Passionate, driven communication expert, specialised in career twists

Dutch, English


Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Workshops


Lifelong Learning, motivation, talent, change, communication



HR, company culture & leadership


Tanja is a strong believer in ownership, lifelong learning, and the power of trust. She is author of several books on demotion. Tanja holds a master's degree in communication sciences and a PhD in applied economics.

Presentations and Topics

HR, company culture & leadership

Lifelong learning

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For a fulfilling career

HR, company culture & leadership

Career twists

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Think twice about promotion

Testimonials & References

Every once in a while you need a crowbar. Someone who breaks a lance, or a book that suddenly makes you look at the facts in a different way. "Remotion. A Step Back is a Step Forward" by Tanja Verheyen and Bob Vermeir is such a crowbar. In these times of "always moving forward," a plea to step aside even comes across as fresh and wise. Highly recommended, because it brings you to different insights. And sometimes you need those to be able to move forward again.

Ivan De Vadder, Political analyst VRT NWS and presenter De Afspraak op Vrijdag

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