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The power of teamwork

Operating as one for optimal performance

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Join Sofie Fransen as she shares insights from the operating theatre, highlighting the critical role of teamwork in achieving excellence. 

With her expertise as a surgeon, Sofie emphasizes that no one can operate alone and that a cohesive team is essential for success. Through real-life anecdotes and practical advice, Sofie demonstrates how to cultivate a culture of collaboration and accountability within your organization. 

Get ready to unleash the power of teamwork and elevate your company's performance to new heights.

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Sofie Fransen is an abdominal surgeon with years of experience at the medical boardroom. She translates the principles of surgical precision with high-performance teamwork into business language.

During her keynote, she invites you into the operating theatre. As a surgeon, she is accustomed to dealing with life-threatening emergencies. Her skills to make decisions at split seconds, combined with precise timing and focus, are necessary to work at this high level of performance.

This way of working might be applied in every business. She encourages you to look through her surgical glasses. Observing your company's processes of timing, focus, and logistics from this surgical perspective may lead to the positive health of your company and its employees.

Sofie Fransen

As a surgeon and boardmember, Sofie emphasizes that surgical precision and teamwork are the key factors for the positive health of your business.

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