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Break the ice

Laugh, connect and enjoy!

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Now, more than ever, we are hungry for real human to human connection. Times are changing, and so should network events. That’s why we bring you: Charlotte. 

Charlotte  is an entertainer and facilitator. She creates a positive vibe in the audience with her enthusiasm and breaks the ice by inviting the audience members to play interactive games with her and each other, all from the safety of their chair.

Do you know those awkward first few minutes of a networking event? GONE. 

Prepare for a tsunami of energy, optimism, connection and fun and start your event with a BANG. 

Schedule a dose of Charlotte at the start of your network event, or in the middle of your conference and wake everyone up.  Or even at the end of the program, just before the 'networking reception begins' to set everyone in the mood to get to know each other better and break the ice!

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There are not enough words to capture Charlotte's essence: enthusiasm, energy, humor, flexibility, daring to take risks, creativity, curiosity, cooperation, trust, acceptance, connecting, active listening, and authenticity are just a few of her qualities. Charlotte's passions lie in communication and improvisational theater, two worlds she believes have much to teach each other. She finds strength in combining theater and business, focusing on the overlap between them to guide her work.

Her goal is to help companies rediscover the joy of playfulness, laughter, and innocence, while also fostering insights into flexibility, assertiveness, leadership, listening, connecting, and effective communication through theater exercises. Charlotte's team-building workshops unite people through laughter and creativity, creating a unique and memorable experience. Her communication workshops delve deeper into theoretical insights while maintaining a hands-on approach.

With a Master's degree in Business Communication, Charlotte seamlessly merges experiential learning from improvisation games with essential communication principles like giving feedback, public speaking, performing under pressure, customer focus, and authentic leadership.

Beyond communication and soft skills, Charlotte is passionate about social issues such as society, diversity, and gender awareness. She excels not only as an enthusiastic speaker, trainer, and coach but also as a skilled host and moderator.

Charlotte De Metsenaere

Communication expert, international improvisational theater teacher and public speaking coach

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