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How to fix the blind spots for more diversity in your company

Five drivers for a more inclusive company culture (with 30 + examples of tactics that really work)

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Too many companies miss out on a lot of talent. They tend to promote the loud, extraverted networkers. They have a copycat leadership team where peers do not challenge each other. They are blind to the diversity of the world surrounding them. Inclusive leadership is what makes diversity work. Do you want to know the secret? Do not only search for more diversity, but also create an inclusive culture of belonging where diverse talents thrive. Inclusive leaders embrace diversity of opinion and love to be challenged.

In this talk, Elke discovers over 20 examples of successful ways to make it happen. They are built up around 5 drivers for really inclusive cultures.

And Elke will show you HOW to build that inclusive culture you need to untap all potential in your company and attract the best talent out there. There is much more to it than quotas, as you will learn from Elke's 5 drivers for change model. Discover how to attract the best talents, foster innovation, and drive your bottom line. Find out why this is a shared responsibility and how you can work on an inclusive culture every day, engaging fans, adversaries, and the silent middle.

Format: 40 min. talk full of inspiring examples, tips & tricks (+ if time permits: 20 min. Q&A)

  • Why would you care - you are not the norm

  • Why your company should care – the business case

  • How inclusive leaders create an inclusive company culture – 5 drivers for change - 30+ best practices

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In her vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion, Elke encapsulates her philosophy succinctly: "Don’t fix the people, fix the culture." She believes that inclusive leaders play a pivotal role in making diversity work within organizations. They view diversity as a growth opportunity for the company, embracing challenges posed by differing perspectives and actively seeking diversity within their teams. Understanding that inclusion is not solely an individual responsibility but a collective endeavor, Elke has developed a model comprising five drivers, initially introduced in 2019 as part of her INSEAD Gender Diversity Program. In her podcast, she elaborates on her recipe for cultivating truly inclusive workplaces.

Having shared her vision on inclusion through over 150 keynote talks and leadership workshops, Elke has assisted numerous companies in identifying their next best steps. In 2024, she launched the Dutch podcast Bindstof, featuring interviews with inclusive leaders across society, focusing on fostering connections beyond differences.

Elke emphasizes the importance of creating awareness throughout organizations, identifying and transforming barriers for diverse talents into accelerators, and holding leaders accountable for change. Drawing from global best practices and the real-life experiences of hundreds of leaders, her solutions for inclusive leadership are rooted in tangible successes.

Recognizing persistent barriers faced by women in non-inclusive workplaces, Elke founded Fierce Ladies in 2012, a platform where women support each other's growth. Through initiatives like role model talks, growth academies, and international retreats, Fierce Ladies aims to dismantle systemic barriers and empower women across sectors and generations.

With a rich professional background spanning stakeholder engagement, corporate communications, public relations, and public affairs, Elke has collaborated with leaders in various spheres, including Microsoft, HP, and SBS media group. She has shared her insights on numerous conference stages and is a co-author of the book "Who run the world, the power of female leadership." As of April 2022, Elke serves as President of the Board at VDAB, the Flemish agency for employment, driving initiatives for an inclusive job market.

At home with her husband Jo, Elke endeavors to foster inclusivity within their blended family of five children aged between 18 and 30, with the excitement of welcoming their first granddaughter soon. They believe that respecting and embracing the diversity of personalities and talents around their dinner table is fundamental to their children's growth. For Elke and her family, inclusivity is an ongoing journey of learning, with each day presenting new opportunities to cultivate inclusiveness.

Elke Jeurissen

Entrepreneur, Community Builder (Inclusive Leaders Connect, Straffe Madammen, 72Hours Reload), co-author of 2 books, (step)mum of 5.

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