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The only way is up

How to improve the agility and resilience of people in a changing world.

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Does your organization struggle with significant changes? Do you meet resistance? Does your transformation feel like an avalanche that is tumbling down the mountain at high speed? In his keynote “The only way is up” Wim explains how you can sharpen the agility and resilience of yourself and your organization so you too can be on the front row to reap the benefits of the digital, global world.   

The digital society forces organizations to change. But a thorough transformation is not a walk in the park. It is an extreme challenge on a path covered with avalanches of unexpected events and mountains of resistance.  

There are many similarities between transformations and mountaineering expeditions. Both require skills that you can only learn with experience. The chances of success highly depend on preparation and inspiration. Ability to execute requires hard work and flexibility. Solid teamwork is a necessity but also increases your dependency on others. And both challenges come with high risk.  

Wim provides a unique combination of real life management and extreme adventure experience to take your audience on a captivating journey to the top of the world.  

Duration: between 20 min. and 1,5 hours depending on your requirements

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Wim is an ambitious man who loves challenges. As a freelance transformation executive, he guides companies, multinationals and government institutions through complex digital and business change programs all around the world.

When he is not working, he finds his challenges at extreme altitude. He has climbed the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents and has reached the summit of five 8000ers. Wim applies the lessons he has learned in the death zone to his everyday professional challenges.

As a speaker, Wim leaves a lasting impression on the audience in his own modest style. Although not many people in the audience will have climbed an 8000-metre peak, he is able to fascinate them with very recognizable stories, about rising to challenges, working hard as a team, dealing with change and resolving problems. Wim captivates audiences at all levels of your organization.

Wim Smets

Digital business transformation executive, record holding mountaineer and adventurer, columnist and author

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