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Sales, marketing & customer experience

Find out how marketing helps you breaking into a new market and how you can sell with maximum return thanks to an optimized user experience.

Customer Centricity

Christophe Jauquet

Every customer wants to be healthy & happy

How to sparkle in telling and selling your Story

Olivier Van Duüren

Shoot for the heart, capture the mind and end with a smile. Communicating your ideas is the currency of today to evolve your personal and business brand.


Guido Everaert

Stories build brands and organisations

Customer Experience Post Covid19

Geert Martens

The impact of Covid19 on customer experience

Transforming to a data powered organization and enabling Artificial Intelligence

Bert Van Wassenhove

How to generate relevant data and set it to good use through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

No More Boring Webinars

Cyriel Kortleven

Tools to create interaction and engagement in online sessions

Your co-workers voices are gold!

Patrick De Pauw

How can you build a strategic employee advocacy program creating more business opportunities.

Inclusive marketing and communication

Fatima Llouh

The value of inclusive communication

Stupid questions do exist

Rik Moons

and active listening is super easy

Sell like a woman

Jozefien De Feyter

Discover the power of feminine energy in sales

Questioning the why, the importance of asking the right questions

Suyin Aerts

Unlocking Success Through Being Inquisitive

Sales: It's Everyone's Business

Jozefien De Feyter

Why every employee contributes to the revenue

HELP! I need to network

Véronique De Prycker

Master the art of networking and have a better career

The Age of Relevance

Tom De Ruyck

Creating experiences that are hyper relevant, Instagram-able and memorable

The Customer Fitness Code

Alain Thys

Monetise customer experience

Metaverse for marketing

Clo Willaerts

What are the opportunities for marketing?

Mastering the Art of Interviews

Geraldine Vandercammen

Essential Techniques and Practical Skills

Level Up: what you can learn from the world of games

Dado Van Peteghem

Insight into the dynamics behind the innovation and the tactics that create strong, revenue-generating fan communities

The Media - how to get your story out there

Lisbeth Imbo

The importance of networking

Suyin Aerts

How to ruin your reputation in a split second?

Véronique De Prycker

Avoid these commonly made mistakes that ruin your professional opportunities.

From Identity to Image

Céline Malyster

The Power of Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

The Customer of The Now-Future

Gerrie Smits

In this talk, Gerrie shows you how to understand consumer-centric trends to use them in your own context. Don’t pre-dict, but start pre-pare for the now-future.

Customer Centricity is rubbish. Long live Customer Centricity.

Gerrie Smits

There’s more to Customer Centricity than your customer.

CX or EX: the chicken or the egg?

Inge van Belle

High employee engagement (EX) leads to high customer satisfaction (CX)

Mastering Voice-Over

Geraldine Vandercammen

Techniques for Effective Communication

Your customer and you

Renout van Hove

AI: going above and beyond the hype

Marketing Post-Corona

Clo Willaerts

from Profit to Purpose

Innovation for the longevity economy of tomorrow

Dirk Schyvinck

Innovations are not only a matter of youngsters for youngsters

AI-Powered Sales

Fiona Passantino

Introduction to AI for the non-technical Sales Professional

Your AI and your data

Renout van Hove

Integrate AI and your data to maximize your competitive advantage

Less contact, more impact

Jozefien De Feyter

Why the human touch in sales is crucial in an increasingly digital world

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