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The Customer Fitness Code

Monetise customer experience

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Everyone wants to be loved by and profit from their customers. But only few businesses manage to consistently deliver experiences that differentiate them from the competition. Even less are capable of then turning the customer smiles they create into cash.

In the ‘Customer Fitness Code’, Alain demonstrates that customer experience management isn’t as fluffy as many think. It’s a ‘hard’ business discipline that can be measured, managed, and monetised.

By blending practical examples, stories and hard data, he provides teams with the insights they need to practically make customer-centricity a reality in their business.

Organisers and corporate clients that are ready to truly engage can also expand this inspiration session with:

• a live assessment of the company’s state of customer fitness

• bespoke introductory videos linked to the company strategy

• online 'sparring sessions' with practical tips & guidance

• individual coaching for those who want an experience-of-one.

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Alain Thys is a renowned customer-centricity veteran with over 30 years of experience helping large, complex organizations differentiate and thrive. 

His no-nonsense approach to customer-centricity has enriched the lives of over half a billion customers and 350,000 employees across 100+ countries, creating hundreds of millions in value, and even more smiles. 

As a hands-on advisor to international leadership teams, Alain’s keynotes and workshops offer bespoke insights and practical strategies that inspire, challenge, and deliver actionable results. His expertise in areas such as customer experience, differentiation, and competitive markets has made him a valued sparring partner for businesses seeking a unique edge in today's crowded marketplace. 

Get in touch with us to discuss how Alain can inspire and challenge your leadership team to build an edge in a crowded marketplace.

Alain Thys

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