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Mastering the Art of Interviews

Essential Techniques and Practical Skills

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In this workshop, participants will acquire essential skills for conducting effective interviews, covering all stages from preparation to follow-up. They will learn techniques for creating a comfortable environment, asking open-ended questions, and managing challenging situations. 

Through practical exercises and role-playing scenarios, attendees will practice and refine their interviewing skills to gather valuable information and insights.

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Geraldine is a versatile professional with a rich background in acting, directing, voice coaching, and journalism. With over two decades of experience in France, she graduated from the prestigious European acting academy, 'Le Cours Florent,' and has captivated audiences at renowned events like the Festival of Avignon.

Her expertise extends beyond the stage, as she has moderated debates for esteemed institutions such as ENISA, the European Commission, and WWF. Geraldine's voice has become a staple in commercials and advertisements for major brands like Apple, Dyson, and Louis Vuitton, resonating across television, radio, and online platforms in multiple languages.

Her talents also shine through in various multimedia projects, music videos, audiobooks, and museum tours, enriching diverse storytelling mediums with her captivating narration. Since 2020, Geraldine has expanded her scope to international journalism, collaborating with media outlets worldwide as a producer, fixer, and journalistic collaborator, bringing compelling stories to life in France.

Geraldine Vandercammen

Driven by curiosity, fueled by originality, and rooted in journalistic excellence.

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