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Your AI and your data

Integrate AI and your data to maximize your competitive advantage

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Renout van Hove’s keynote, "Your AI and Your Data," offers a deep dive into the integration of AI and data in modern business. Renout unravels how businesses can leverage AI and predictive models to maximize the potential of for example Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), transforming raw data into actionable insights and fostering growth.


  • Harnessing the Potential of CDPs:  the critical role of CDPs in centralizing and managing customer data from diverse sources. He explains how CDPs eliminate data silos, offering a comprehensive view of customers that enhances personalization and marketing effectiveness.

  • Leveraging Predictive Models:  exploree how predictive models can revolutionize business strategies by transforming data into valuable insights. He demonstrates how AI can forecast customer behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to make proactive, data-driven decisions.

  • Fostering a Data-Driven Culture: Emphasising the importance of a data-driven mindset, we will  share strategies for embedding data insights into every business decision. He underscores how aligning business goals with data can lead to more informed and strategic outcomes.

  • Enhancing Customer Experience:  how AI can refine customer interactions through real-time data processing and predictive analytics. He showcases methods to anticipate customer needs, delivering timely and relevant experiences that enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Navigating the Martech Jungle: With the proliferation of marketing technologies, we will  guide you through selecting and integrating tools that align with your business strategy. He provides insights on building an effective marketing tech stack that supports your AI and data initiatives.

  • Real-World Applications: sharing compelling case studies of companies successfully using AI and data to drive business success. These examples highlight best practices and practical lessons, offering a blueprint for leveraging AI in your own organization.

By the conclusion of this keynote, you will be equipped with the knowledge to turn your data into a strategic asset, utilizing AI to drive innovation and competitive advantage. You will be provided with actionable strategies to implement AI-driven solutions, optimize customer data, and thrive in a data-centric world.

This keynote is tailored for business leaders, marketers, and data strategists eager to harness AI and customer data. 

Join Renout van Hove to unlock the full potential of your data, driving growth and innovation in the digital era.

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Renout van Hove is an AI strategist spearheading both busines growth and sustainability with GrowthAgent and Earth+. As the Founder & Managing Partner of GrowthAgent, he aligns business strategy with AI to foster growth and profitability the right way using AI. He is called upon by premium brands in his capacity for combining the force of A, Data, Ecosystems to innovate and drive business impact for the decade to come. 

Renout's passion extends to Earth+, a platform that integrates geospatial monitoring, blockchain, and the tokenization of projects to drive environmental change. His dedication to bring solutions for remediation, CO2 capture, and the promotion of circular economies positions him at the forefront of environmental innovation and AI. 

His visionary book "Obsessed" from 2019 delves into the data paradigms, offering a guide to navigating the data-saturated landscape of today's business environment – and already warning you to ‘prepare for the era of AI’ back in 2019. 

Through his future work  "The HyperScaler Chronicles," a series of 4 books to be released as of 2025, he touches upon the combined impact of AI, ecosystem and sustainability. 

With a track record at Showpad,, Dell, and HP, Renout embodies the intersection of technological innovation and sustainable development, leading businesses into a future of data-driven growth and impactful environmental care.

Renout van Hove

AI pathfinder, Polymath & Rennaissance man, Author of #Obsessed - Founder of, finds himself comfortable at the intersection of AI, Data ecosystems, Privacy, and Sustainability.

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