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Stupid questions do exist

and active listening is super easy

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You achieve more by asking an additional question than by offering additional arguments. However, the art of asking questions is not easy to master. In this session, Rik Moons offers you five building blocks to formulate top questions and five tips for better listening.

We all know how frustrating it can be when you feel like no one is listening! Perhaps listening is not your best skill? Or are all your issues caused by stupid questions?   

In this entertaining interactive keynote, Rik Moons will demonstrate how hard it is to ask top-quality questions and illustrates the results of a good listening technique. The keynote focuses on the 'Magic of Three'. You will learn all about the five building blocks for top questions and five listening techniques.   

The speaker is a very skilled presenter with a great sense of humour. Learn how to make conversations work for you with less effort! 

Also available in workshop format.

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After a long career in the pharma industry, Rik decided to use his experience and knowledge to help others grow. With a captivating style and humor, he combines theoretical models and practical examples to provide new insights and learning points. In 2010 he started MoonsManagement to help others learn more about leadership, sales and communication. After writing 2 books on these topics, he decided to concentrate on keynotes. Both books are available in Dutch and French.

Rik Moons

Expert in communication, leadership and sales, author of 2 books

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