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Rik Moons

Expert in communication, leadership and sales, author of 2 books

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Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Workshops

Dutch, French

questioning, listening, leadership, convincing


After a long career in the pharma industry, Rik decided to use his experience and knowledge to help others grow. With a captivating style and humor, he combines theoretical models and practical examples to provide new insights and learning points. In 2010 he started MoonsManagement to help others learn more about leadership, sales and communication. After writing 2 books on these topics, he decided to concentrate on keynotes. Both books are available in Dutch and French.


Stupid questions do exist

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and active listening is super easy

Leadership - deciding and letting go

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also during crisis situations

What you can learn from a plane crash?

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Safety at work

Do it, dump it, or delegate it

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Delegate and don't deprive others of learning

Why your solution is the problem

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How far do you guide your team, and at what point do you set them free?

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