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Rik Moons

Expert in communication, leadership and sales, author of 2 books

Dutch, French


Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Workshops


questioning, listening, leadership, convincing



Business and Strategy; HR, company culture & leadership; Sales, marketing & customer experience


After a long career in the pharma industry, Rik decided to use his experience and knowledge to help others grow. With a captivating style and humor, he combines theoretical models and practical examples to provide new insights and learning points. In 2010 he started MoonsManagement to help others learn more about leadership, sales and communication. After writing 2 books on these topics, he decided to concentrate on keynotes. Both books are available in Dutch and French.

Presentations and Topics

Sales, marketing & customer experience

Stupid questions do exist

Lees verder

and active listening is super easy

Business and strategy

Leadership - deciding and letting go

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also during crisis situations

HR, company culture & leadership

What you can learn from a plane crash?

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Safety at work

HR, company culture & leadership

Do it, dump it, or delegate it

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Delegate and don't deprive others of learning

HR, company culture & leadership

Why your solution is the problem

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How far do you guide your team, and at what point do you set them free?

Testimonials & References

The humorous and down to earth way in which Rik describes the day to day struggles of all of us with communicating and interacting with our fellow human beings, ensures that the audience is sucked into a different, more light-hearted view of sometimes heavy-handed subjects.

Sometimes I also think "that man deserves an Oscar!" 🙂

-- Nele Weyn, Head of Training, Gamma

Rik is an authentic storyteller who juggles with imagery.  It is his sincere ambition to share his knowledge with his audience in an entertaining and compelling way.

-- Sylvie Marissal, Human Resources Director & Peter Bossert, CEO, Royal Belgian Football Association

Rik Moons is a passionate "story teller" who knows how to captivate you from beginning to end of his presentation. Based on real life situations and experiences, he knows how to connect with his audience and their interests with interactions and a touch of humor. Top speaker! 

-- Nico Samaille, International Director, Menarini Diagnostics 

Rik's keynotes are truly inspiring and stimulating. He uses useful and applicable elements taken from our reality. I have received only positive feedback from all participants.

-- Joris Spigt, Head of Group Mobility Solutions & My Way, D'Ieteren

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