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From Identity to Image

The Power of Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

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In today's sharing economy, trust, connection, and authenticity form an important foundation of professional relationships. Your business benefits from a human face, a 'personality'. In most cases, that's the entrepreneur themselves. And as a freelancer, consultant, or intrapreneur, you position yourself in a powerful, recognizable way by turning yourself into a brand. This gradually builds authority.

How do you start establishing your personal brand? Your identity is the starting point, your image the end goal. This keynote provides examples of people who have succeeded in branding themselves and reaping the benefits. Be inspired to start working on your personal brand and see what it can bring you.

What do you have to say as a personal brand? Determining your storyline and sticking to it is undoubtedly the biggest challenge. With the concrete tools provided in the session, you can start working on it right away. So it's not just about inspiration, but also about taking action.

This content can be delivered in the form of a keynote or as an interactive workshop for smaller groups (max. 15 people).

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Being an entrepreneur with many years of management experience in various industries, Céline's broad knowledge enriches her professional capabilities. Knowing a little about a lot enables her to effectively moderate interviews, panel discussions, and podcast episodes. While she takes pride in her preparation and organizational skills, Céline admits that she is at her best when she can unleash her spontaneity. She understands that nobody says it’s easy, but also acknowledges that it shouldn't be boring either. 

Céline receives most compliments for her personal style - characterized by a tongue-in-cheek approach - and her ability to mentally store answers and quotes throughout events, seamlessly integrating them into questions or recaps. Nothing escapes her attention, and she ensures that each of her stage guests shines brightly.

Céline Malyster

Allow her to give your event a bit of oomph. Sharp-witted multilingual host and speaker.

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