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CX or EX: the chicken or the egg?

High employee engagement (EX) leads to high customer satisfaction (CX)

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Customer experience is the new battleground for marketers. Almost 90% of the companies expect to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience and consider the employee role to be crucial in this. According to research, 79% of employees at companies with above-average customer experience are highly engaged in their work. And that compares to 4% of employees at companies with average or below average customer satisfaction scores.

High employee engagement (EX) leads to an increase in customer satisfaction (CX). Hence the equation EX=CX. 

In that perspective, employee engagement is an engine for happy customers and together they become an accelerator for growth. Organisational growth provides a financial boost. It also creates business momentum and increases motivation.

We sometimes talk about the golden triangle. If you succeed in strategically linking the three topics, you will be much better equipped for the future.

The question is now is: which one comes first? That’s what we will reveal in this presentation.

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Co-founder of Herculean Alliance, home to formats like Employee Engagement Awards and Hercules Trophy. Inge led employee experience projects in 10 countries. This international background, combined with a hunger for knowledge, gave her wings to specialise in the 12 drivers of employee engagement. Inge is strategic advisor to Dubai Police and speaker for United Nations Women. She’s passionate to solve the challenges of disconnected employees in a hybrid working environment. Author of “Employee Engagement, what else?” with Klaus Lommatzsch, to help leaders up their engagement game using best marketing practices. You will appreciate Inge’s energy: a combination of her authentic personality, refreshing creativity, witty humour and work ethic. Inge’s favourite quote is: “We rise by lifting others”, summing up her determination to make the world a better place, one employee at a time.

Inge van Belle

Restless entrepreneur with corporate background in communication & sales. Dubai based Employee Engagement aficionada.

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