Choose Consciously

Isabelle Gonnissen

So how do you find happiness? Within yourself.

How to be(come) a sage leader?

Véronique Bockstal

Male leadership is associated with words like strong, dominant, assertive, competitive. Female leadership is associated with words like emotional, empathetic, compassionate, collaborative, intuitive. But what about sage leadership?

Big Data and Customer Experience

Maarten Vanhoof

Tap into the potential of your data

Dreamers who Do

Hilde Helsen

Each of us has a dream that we can realize with love and support from others

Meet you in the metaverse

Pieter Van Leugenhagen

Are your ready for what's next?

Discover your voice

Martine Reyners

Experience a harmonious team

Do it, dump it, or delegate it

Rik Moons

Delegate and don't deprive others of learning

Career twists

Tanja Verheyen

Think twice about promotion

The cold as your warm friend

Lieven Van Linden

Discover the healing powers of ice cold water

Reframe your routines

Lieven Van Linden

Break the habit of being yourself

Discover the city of Brussels

Jan Puype

Have a great moment with your colleagues in the city where you work

Connection in a Hybrid Workplace

Tom Dijckmans

Who replaces the coffee room?

Selling through Connecting

Véronique De Prycker

Social Selling Secrets & On line Strategies

Strategic Storytelling

Barbara Rogoski

Integrating Strategic Storytelling into Your Business Can Make a Difference

Break the ice

Charlotte De Metsenaere

Laugh, connect and enjoy!

Never finished

Martijn Aslander

Based on the book nominated for Management Book of the Year 2016

How to scale your business to your first million euro in revenues

Véronique Bockstal

Véronique talks about the three things you need in order to scale your business to your first million euro in revenues. She developed a methodology, called the 3M-roadmap with M standing for Mindset, Manpower ('mensen') and Means ('middelen').

From Art Thinking to Game Changing

Erwin Van den Brande

Many leaders want to change the game of the market in which they are operating and make an impact on society. These challenges require creativity and innovation.

Art, Technology and Science

Erwin Van den Brande

Art as a critical thinker’s “second opinion” on digital revolution


Erwin Van den Brande

Organizations are seeking other, new, original and authentic ways to set up their marketing, boost their brand, foster innovation and initiate research. The arts and culture can help in many ways.

Harmony through singing

Martine Reyners

A personal testimonial that gives evidence of major resilience

Half day teambuilding: the power of team dynamics

Brecht Buysschaert

Interesting keynote, followed by fun workshops improving team cohesion

Why your solution is the problem

Rik Moons

How far do you guide your team, and at what point do you set them free?

The rise of crypto assets

Brecht Van Craen & Quinten François

Our monetary system, bitcoin as a solution, the investment case for crypto, altcoins, blockchain tech and a look into the future.

Breathe less, fear less

Lieven Van Linden

Overcoming fear and anxiety...with one single breath

Meet the leader: Parc Solvay La Hulpe

Jan Puype

What can leaders today learn from past predecessors?

Working with people: Watermael Bosvoorde and Sonian Forest

Jan Puype

Walk for (HR) professionals and team leaders

The fundamentals of teamwork

Tom Dijckmans

What conditions must be fulfilled to speak of strong teamwork?

Lifelong learning

Tanja Verheyen

For a fulfilling career

Can you floor me?

Gella Vandecaveye

Learn how to connect in a completely different way!

AI for business

Richard van Hooijdonk

How AI will impact business models


Martijn Aslander

A new way of working, organizing and collaborating

How to overcome self-limiting beliefs?

Véronique Bockstal

We impose unnecessary and unjustified restrictions on ourselves which have no other proof than what we make ourselves believe. Self-limiting beliefs prevent us from growing as a person, as a professional, as a business founder or owner.

Art to find your ikigai

Tom De Ruyck

Acting on your values and realising your purpose through contemporary art

The only way is up

Wim Smets

How to improve the agility and resilience of people in a changing world.

Attract, retain and develop diverse young talent

Mariam Harutyunyan

Changing trends in workplaces that are put in motion by the newest generations entering the job market

Choose Positive

Isabelle Gonnissen

How do you make a switch in your thinking and choose the positive option?

7 essential ingredients for a successful digital transformation

Anja Cappelle

Transformation is incontournable. Doing it right too.

Stupid questions do exist

Rik Moons

and active listening is super easy

Stronger by stress

Lieven Van Linden

Learn how stress can help us to become more resilient in work and life

The path to your purpose

Lieven Van Linden

Unravel your own path towards a happy and meaningful life

Meet your colleague

Jan Puype

Parc Solvay and Sonian Forest in La Hulpe

Influence others, start with yourself

Tom Dijckmans

Behavior evokes behavior. But maybe not always the desired one.


Véronique De Prycker

Be excellent in every aspect of your life

Executive Presence & Visibility for Professional Women

Barbara Rogoski

How to Present Yourself Confidently


Gella Vandecaveye

A testimonial on the interface between top-class sport and business.

Time for the creative generalist

Suyin Aerts

Discover the entrepreneurial jack-of-all-trades in you

Digital fitness

Martijn Aslander

Our work is broken and in need of major maintenance