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Fully Charged - A roadmap towards more energy and better results

Lieven Van Linden

Discover the 3 principles for more resilience and better results.

How to Stay Human in the Age of AI

Rudy de Waele

Where will be the value of humans in the workplace of the future?

Embracing Diversity: on complicity and inclusion

Julie Brown

Fostering collaboration across cultures, genders, and generations

Unleashing Leadership Potential

Julie Brown

Navigating Success Through Self-Leadership

From Sustainability to Regeneration

Tom De Ruyck

8 transformation codes to help you drive positive change

How's Work?

Isabel De Clercq

7 Lies About Work and What Actually Works

Mastering the AI-Shock

Jo Caudron

A strategic view on Artificial Intelligence

Navigating the New Dimension: A Journey Through Spatial Computing

Pieter Van Leugenhagen

Embark on a fascinating exploration of the latest computing paradigm that is redefining our digital world

Psychological Safety

Najima El Kasmi

Unlocking Innovation through Trust and Openness

AI-Integration Strategy for Communication Professionals

Fiona Passantino

An introduction to multimodal integration for non-technical working teams

AI for managers

Richard van Hooijdonk

Unlocking the power of artificial intelligence in organizations

AI revolution

Richard van Hooijdonk

Revolutionizing with AI: navigating the AI transformation

The impact of AI on the future of organisations and humanity

Katja Schipperheijn

AI is neither hype nor new! However, it is more urgent than ever to include in a future-proof strategy.

From I-care to WE-care

Brecht Buysschaert

Empowering Well-being: The Journey from Self-Care to Collective Care

AI Lives?

Eddy Willems

Navigating the Realities of Artificial Intelligence

How to stay positive in times of trouble? Reframe and Feel through.

Johan Terryn

Being positive is not a mindset you can just turn on. You need to practise in thoughts and feelings.

Elevate Collaboration with the Transformative Power of Socratic Dialogue!

Rudy de Waele

Unlock the potential of collaborative thinking and co-creation to foster meaningful dialogue and enhance the art of active listening.

Innovating grief / legacy

Julie Brown

Transforming loss into a legacy of resilience

Uniting Forces: Team Building and Collaboration

Julie Brown

Nurturing cohesion and empowering teams to achieve extraordinary results

Disconnect to reconnect

Florence Pérès

For Better (Working) Relationships in a Hyper-connected World and a better Work/Life Balance

AI in HR: What’s real?!

Jochen Roef

Clarifying 7 misconceptions about HR technology in 2024

Cracking the Productivity Code

Isabel De Clercq

Unveiling Fresh Insights and Shattering the False Promises of Time Management

A Woman at the Top : One Story of Resilience & Self-Leadership

Orianne Aymard

Brain Hemorrhage Survivor who climbed the highest mountains in the world, Everest and Lhotse

Leadership in Change

Najima El Kasmi

Turning resistance into growth

AI-Powered Sales

Fiona Passantino

Introduction to AI for the non-technical Sales Professional

The AI-Human Co-Creation Workflow

Fiona Passantino

Understanding AI and augmenting the Human for non-technical professional teams

The future of leadership

Richard van Hooijdonk

Navigating uncertainty in the era of rapid change

Inclusive marketing and communication

Fatima Llouh

The value of inclusive communication

Finding each other in 2024

Elke Jeurissen

Every day is a choice, a choice between polarization and connection. Explores the quest for more common ground, at the kitchen table, at work, and in society.

5 Stepstones to a Whealthy Workplace

Brecht Buysschaert

Investing in Workplace Well-being, a Win-Win-Win

Making Change Simple

Cyriel Kortleven

Embrace the power of Simplification to boost the effectiveness of change initiatives. Make it Specific, Smooth & Small.

The power of regret as a compass for the future

Johan Terryn

How do you use regret as a feedback instrument to make better decisions in the future?

Energetic Balance Workshop

Rudy de Waele

🌟 Discover Balance and Prosperity with this Energetic Balance Workshop! 🌟

Unleashing Excellence: on empowering authentic (out)performance

Julie Brown

Achieving grand goals through discipline and determination

Thriving Amidst Turbulence

Julie Brown

Navigating Constant Change and Overcoming Adversity with Polar Expedition Wisdom

What matters to consumers: trends for today and tomorrow!

Tom De Ruyck

12 consumers trends that highlight what matters to people

Questioning the why, the importance of asking the right questions

Suyin Aerts

Unlocking Success Through Being Inquisitive

Hybrid Work - Working Together Apart

Isabel De Clercq

Is a Reset Necessary?

High-Visibility Habits for Women at Work

Fiona Passantino

Support and fuel female professionals on International Women’s Day

Building Bridges: Mastery in Intercultural and Intergenerational Communication

Najima El Kasmi

Navigating the Tapestry of Diversity in Modern Business

AI-Powered HR

Fiona Passantino

Supporting the most Human role of them all

Empowering welpreneurs: navigate stress and self-care

Elke Struys

Unveiling the 4 Levers for entrepreneurial success

Wine with a story tastes better

Kathleen Van den Berghe

Navigating the Red Ocean: Lessons from 14 Years in Wine Entrepreneurship

The Impact of AI: Chaos or Amazement?

Clo Willaerts

Navigating AI's Impact on Work

A Bumpy Road with 5 Milestones

Brecht Buysschaert

Navigating Challenges, Embracing Growth: A CEO's Odyssey through Entrepreneurial Terrain

Keep your smartphone safe!

Eddy Willems

Unveiling Smartphone Cyber Dangers and Defense Strategies

Digital well-being: why deconnecting is crucial

Frans van de Ven

Managing your digital information flows has become critical in ensuring a healthy wellbeing

Building a Strong Organization

Ann De Bisschop

with the 7 Pillars of Wellbeing

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