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Fearless Branding

How to reach distinction through defiance

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Brands that seek distinctiveness must venture beyond their comfort zones. In this keynote, Lisa van Noorden shares her no-nonsense approach to inspire organizations to pioneer the future. 

With a strong focus on brand innovation and robust creative strategy, Lisa demonstrates how defiance can transform ordinary brands into extraordinary ones, driving success and capturing the market's attention.

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Brands seeking distinctiveness should venture beyond their comfort zones. With her no-nonsense approach, Lisa van Noorden inspires organizations to pioneer the future, emphasizing brand innovation and robust creative strategy.

As a creative strategist and coach, Lisa collaborates with some of the most well-known organizations and brands. She sparks creative magic by empowering leaders, inspiring people, and enhancing brands to connect authentically both inside and outside the organization.

An artist herself, Lisa brings unique perspectives to the table. Her book, The Mondrian of Marketing, is a deep dive into business and marketing creativity.

Why and when should you work with Lisa?

  • Enhanced Creative Strategies: If your brand is looking to stand out in competitive markets.

  • Distinctive Brand Identity: When your organization is ready to wow audiences with a unique brand identity.

  • Cultural Shifts Towards Creativity: If you're aiming to drive cultural shifts towards creativity and innovation, fostering a dynamic organizational culture.

  • Empowering Leadership: If you wish to equip your leaders with creative thinking tools to discover future-proof solutions and inspire their teams effectively.

  • Artistic Inspiration: As soon as you're ready to seek inspiration from artists and their unique creative approaches.

Lisa van Noorden

Creative strategist and author who brings a unique perspective to the table

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