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The New Normal

Navigating the Digital Work Landscape

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In his compelling lectures, Rik provides organizations with insights into the impact of 'The New Normal' on the workplace, now intricately woven through digitalization. He stresses the necessity for companies to operate as interconnected networks and elucidates how 'The New Normal' has transformed both customer behavior and market dynamics, with customer-centricity emerging as the linchpin for success.

Expect no mundane technological discourses in Rik's presentations. Instead, his keynote focuses on how customer needs and behaviors serve as guiding lights for enterprises, underscoring the pivotal role of advanced technologies in this paradigm shift. Rik offers invaluable insights into how companies can adapt to this new reality to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

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Rik is an author, futurologist, business philosopher, coach and above all a very inspiring keynote speaker. He looks at companies and organisations from his unique and surprisingly broad perspective and makes it clear to them how they can continue to be relevant in the ever digitising society of the future. He likes to challenge them to distinguish themselves within and even outside of their industry.

Rik writes and speaks passionately about business models, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, customer focus, sales, (digital) innovation and the interconnectedness thereof.

Rik Vera

International keynote speaker, coach, author and advisor on the impact of all things digital on society and business.

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