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Rik Vera

International keynote speaker, coach, author and advisor on the impact of all things digital on society and business.

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Speaker, Consultant, Workshops

Dutch, English

Customer Centricity, Ecosystems, Digital Transformation, Leadership


Rik is an author, futurologist, business philosopher, coach and above all a very inspiring keynote speaker. He looks at companies and organisations from his unique and surprisingly broad perspective and makes it clear to them how they can continue to be relevant in the ever digitising society of the future. He likes to challenge them to distinguish themselves within and even outside of their industry.

Rik writes and speaks passionately about business models, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, customer focus, sales, (digital) innovation and the interconnectedness thereof.


How to still be relevant for people and society in 2035?

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How businesses can create short and long term value for their customers while also achieving their own sustainable business objectives. Practical advice for businesses looking to create sustainable competitive advantage in the economy of the future.

The New Normal

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Navigating the Digital Work Landscape

The Guide to the Ecosystem Economy

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Unveiling the Blueprint for Sustainable Business Success

Managers the Day after Tomorrow

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What management should be like in these disruptive times

Business Agility

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The new imperative for innovation and growth

Houston, we have a problem

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Navigation the digital revolution

AI: opportunity or threat?

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Embracing AI for Future Success

Rik really helped set the tone for our conference and provoked the participants to begin shifting their mindset to what it truly means to lead in these turbulent times.  I really appreciate how easy Rik and his team were to work with.


Carrie Johnson, Senior Program Manager

I have seen Rik deeply inspiring audiences from as small as a living room to as large as an auditorium. Rik constantly gets me out of my comfort zone by exploring yet another horizon. In his keynotes, Rik voices like no other this vulnerable yet exciting balance between the emotional connection and the real contact with humans. He is a true leader that thinks practical at the same time.  


Casper Overbeek, CX Manager

Having Rik Vera as a keynote speaker during our flagship customer event, was a guarantee for high scores on the after-event evaluation forms. Rik knows exactly how to bring across the message that curiosity is the key to innovation and as such “did not kill the cat, rather a lack of curiosity did”. Rik’s speech was perfectly in line with the expectations of the audience to get inspired about next level digitization and how to prepare for the day after tomorrow. Apart from a key-note speech Rik also moderated a panel, discussing hands-on techniques and providing the audience with practical tips and tricks to apply to their daily jobs. Working with Rik is never boring and a guarantee for delivering a great customer experience.  


Ivy Vanderheyden, Marketing Director

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