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Keynotes and speakers on 

Customer Experience

Tom De Ruyck

Welcome to the Age of Relevance

How to become a Consumer-led Business

Dado Van Peteghem

Thriving in the Age of the Virtual Economy

Get ready to delight the new generation of customers 👩‍🎤

Inge van Belle

CX or EX: the chicken or the egg?

High employee engagement (EX) leads to high customer satisfaction (CX)

Alain Thys

The Customer Fitness Code

Monetise customer experience

Christophe Jauquet

Customer Centricity

Every customer wants to be healthy & happy

Alain Thys

How to Be(come) a Customer-centric Leader?

The true meaning of customer-centric leadership

Geert Martens

Customer Experience Post Covid19

The impact of Covid19 on customer experience

Gerrie Smits

Customer Centricity is rubbish. Long live Customer Centricity.

There’s more to Customer Centricity than your customer.

Renout van Hove

Unlocking Next-Level Customer Experiences: The Transformative Power of AI

Envision a World Transformed by AI

Tom De Ruyck

Pause, Play and Fast Forward

Understanding Consumers in Times of Crisis

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