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Energy transition, how to get a competitive edge?

Take the leap and position your organization and yourself to strengthen your resilience and success.

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Climate change and energy transition have rightfully taken center stage in societal debates about our future and prosperity. Energy transition is no longer optional, it is demanded by customers, partners, and governments. Sustainable transformation of the industry is paramount to ensure the future existence of any organization. Those who lag behind will be divested by market forces. 

Drawing from his passion for energy transition and his goal to build a sustainable future for our industry and society, Niels provides organizations with the tools to reorient themselves within the energy transition to strengthen the resilience and to ensure the future of (y)our industry.

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**Energy Transition Ambassador, Founder of Eunice Education, and Passionate Engineer**

Niels is an ardent advocate for the energy transition, leveraging his education from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and his dual engineering master’s degrees. His mission is to empower others to seize the opportunities presented by the energy transition.

Niels champions a sustainable and equitable transition towards climate neutrality, ensuring economic prosperity and competitiveness are maintained. He possesses a unique talent for translating complex technical and economic concepts into accessible insights, delivered with passion and clarity.

By the end of his speech, you will feel a profound enthusiasm and a compelling drive to apply the newfound knowledge and make a tangible impact.

Niels Vankrunkelsven

On a mission to empower you to seize the opportunities of the energy transition!

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