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AI for Good

Transforming Humanity and Saving the Planet

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Renout van Hove’s keynote, "AI for Good: Transforming Humanity and Saving the Planet," provides an engaging and optimistic perspective on how AI can elevate our lives and address urgent environmental issues. Drawing from his innovative work with Earth+ and GlobalSwitch, Renout illustrates how AI is a game-changer for both human development and planetary health.

Key Points:

  1. AI Enhancing Human Potential: we will open with a compelling vision of AI as an enabler of human excellence. By taking over repetitive tasks and offering powerful insights, AI frees us to focus on creativity, strategic thinking, and personal development. We will share real-world examples of AI applications that boost productivity, enhance decision-making, and enrich everyday life.

  2. AI’s Role in Environmental Stewardship: Transitioning to environmental themes, highlighing how AI supports Earth+ initiatives. He discusses AI’s role in geospatial monitoring, blockchain-enabled carbon credits, and innovative CO2 capture methods. These technologies not only mitigate environmental damage but also promote sustainable practices. They also offer a framework for the future on how doing good can - and needs to be economically profitable.

  3. Sustainability Through AI: Renout elaborates on how AI helps achieve sustainability goals. He explains how AI-driven ESG reporting and comprehensive data analytics enable businesses to meet regulatory requirements, improve your sustainability metrics, and attract eco-conscious investors.

  4. Creating Intelligent Ecosystems: The keynote also covers how AI integrates diverse data sources to build smart ecosystems. These systems provide comprehensive environmental monitoring, enabling swift and effective responses to ecological challenges. Renout shares how this integration leads to smarter cities and sustainable communities.


Renout’s keynote leaves the audience with a clear vision of AI’s transformative potential. Attendees will understand how AI can make us more capable and our planet healthier. Renout provides actionable insights and practical strategies for leveraging AI to achieve personal and environmental goals.

This keynote is perfect for business leaders, sustainability advocates, and technology enthusiasts eager to explore the positive impacts of AI. 

Join Renout van Hove and discover how AI can empower us all and safeguard our planet for future generations.

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Renout van Hove is an AI strategist spearheading both busines growth and sustainability with GrowthAgent and Earth+. As the Founder & Managing Partner of GrowthAgent, he aligns business strategy with AI to foster growth and profitability the right way using AI. He is called upon by premium brands in his capacity for combining the force of A, Data, Ecosystems to innovate and drive business impact for the decade to come. 

Renout's passion extends to Earth+, a platform that integrates geospatial monitoring, blockchain, and the tokenization of projects to drive environmental change. His dedication to bring solutions for remediation, CO2 capture, and the promotion of circular economies positions him at the forefront of environmental innovation and AI. 

His visionary book "Obsessed" from 2019 delves into the data paradigms, offering a guide to navigating the data-saturated landscape of today's business environment – and already warning you to ‘prepare for the era of AI’ back in 2019. 

Through his future work  "The HyperScaler Chronicles," a series of 4 books to be released as of 2025, he touches upon the combined impact of AI, ecosystem and sustainability. 

With a track record at Showpad,, Dell, and HP, Renout embodies the intersection of technological innovation and sustainable development, leading businesses into a future of data-driven growth and impactful environmental care.

Renout van Hove

AI pathfinder, Polymath & Rennaissance man, Author of #Obsessed - Founder of, finds himself comfortable at the intersection of AI, Data ecosystems, Privacy, and Sustainability.

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