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My positive impact? Near to zero!

The surprising power of individual actions in climate mitigation

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Despite common beliefs, we as individuals have a significant role in climate mitigation. While it might seem that our personal actions are too small to make a difference, is there more to our own initiatives than we think? Do we, as individuals, hold the key to a green future?

Many of us find comfort in the assumption that our individual impact on climate mitigation is negligible, absolving us of responsibility or action. But what if I told you that you personally hold the key to a green future?

Let’s embrace this challenge! Let’s be the change we wish to see! Let’s inspire others to follow our lead! Join Niels in this transformative keynote and become the change agents you’ve always aspired to be.

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**Energy Transition Ambassador, Founder of Eunice Education, and Passionate Engineer**

Niels is an ardent advocate for the energy transition, leveraging his education from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and his dual engineering master’s degrees. His mission is to empower others to seize the opportunities presented by the energy transition.

Niels champions a sustainable and equitable transition towards climate neutrality, ensuring economic prosperity and competitiveness are maintained. He possesses a unique talent for translating complex technical and economic concepts into accessible insights, delivered with passion and clarity.

By the end of his speech, you will feel a profound enthusiasm and a compelling drive to apply the newfound knowledge and make a tangible impact.

Niels Vankrunkelsven

On a mission to empower you to seize the opportunities of the energy transition!

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