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The universe and the historical quest for the ultimate truth

Exploring our place in the cosmos

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Discover the profound interplay between humanity's perception of the universe and the quest for ultimate truth in this captivating keynote speech. Throughout history, the evolution of our worldview has sparked monumental shifts with far-reaching socio-economic implications.

But what changes lie ahead, and what role do we humans play in shaping the future?

Join Nancy Vermeulen as she delves into "our place in our world and the universe," offering a unique blend of scientific inquiry, philosophical contemplation, and insights into humanity. With a masterful synthesis of science and philosophy, Nancy invites the audience to explore the depths of our understanding and contemplate the mysteries of existence.

Target Audience:

Companies and associations seeking to deepen their understanding of humanity's place in the cosmos and its implications for our collective future. Whether you're looking to inspire your workforce, stimulate intellectual discourse within your organization, or engage young people in profound philosophical inquiry, Nancy's presentation can be tailored to suit the length and level appropriate for your audience.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery and enlightenment?

Let's explore the universe together and unlock the secrets of our shared humanity!

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Nancy's personal mission is to bridge the gap between the universe and people, making space more accessible and understandable. In 2018, she founded the Space Training Academy, where she prepares private astronauts and suborbital scientists for their inaugural space journeys.

She is a former commercial airline pilot-instructor and holds a Master's degree in theoretical physics and astronomy. She served as the Commander of a Mars simulation in Utah and participated in the ESA astronaut selections in 2008. 

An international motivational speaker and guest lecturer, Nancy has presented at numerous prestigious platforms, including TEDx events, Deloitte University, and the European Commission. In 2021, she published her book "Iedereen Ruimtevaarder" (Everyone an Astronaut) with Lannoo.

In 2023, Nancy established NaviQueen Consulting, transitioning her aerospace expertise to the business world. As a strategic leadership advisor, she guides individuals and organizations towards leadership excellence and serves as an independent board member. Nancy is also an active member of Rotary.

Nancy Vermeulen

Space ambassador and strategic leadership advisor for whom the sky is not the limit.

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