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In this engaging keynote, Rik takes the audience on a journey through three decades of digital revolution and its profound impact on humanity. He illuminates the formidable challenges spawned by this disruption and underscores our responsibility in their creation. There's no external savior; the solution lies within ourselves.

Rik delves into the positive, negative, and downright ugly consequences of our technological advancement. From disruption and artificial intelligence to privacy and the storming of the Capitol, his presentation explores various themes with boldness and critical insight. Rik fearlessly examines our current digital reality, weaving in pop culture references like 'the Upside Down' from Stranger Things and literary works such as Lord of the Flies, alongside pivotal moments in technological history. Personal anecdotes, including encounters with figures like Alexander Nix, enrich the narrative.

While his tale initially seems to lead to a bleak conclusion, Rik surprises with a twist that instills hope for the next 30 years.

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Rik is an author, futurologist, business philosopher, coach and above all a very inspiring keynote speaker. He looks at companies and organisations from his unique and surprisingly broad perspective and makes it clear to them how they can continue to be relevant in the ever digitising society of the future. He likes to challenge them to distinguish themselves within and even outside of their industry.

Rik writes and speaks passionately about business models, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, customer focus, sales, (digital) innovation and the interconnectedness thereof.

Rik Vera

International keynote speaker, coach, author and advisor on the impact of all things digital on society and business.

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