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Climate change polarization

The power of collaboration to overcome polarization and build a greener future

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Polarization never leads to prosperity. Instead, it fosters entitlement and stigmatization, hindering progress. The true strength of humanity lies in collaboration. It is through working together that we have built the society we live in today, and it is through continued collaboration that we will construct an even better and greener future.

How can we move away from the divisive us-them narrative? It starts with each of us taking responsibility. Don't wait for someone else to lead the way. Write your own story and inspire others to join you. When we are not aligned, we collide like marbles, scattering in different directions and achieving little.

Our society naturally tends toward polarization, but we can change that. Let’s reject the us-them mindset and engage collectively. By working together, we can make a positive impact that benefits everyone.

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**Energy Transition Ambassador, Founder of Eunice Education, and Passionate Engineer**

Niels is an ardent advocate for the energy transition, leveraging his education from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and his dual engineering master’s degrees. His mission is to empower others to seize the opportunities presented by the energy transition.

Niels champions a sustainable and equitable transition towards climate neutrality, ensuring economic prosperity and competitiveness are maintained. He possesses a unique talent for translating complex technical and economic concepts into accessible insights, delivered with passion and clarity.

By the end of his speech, you will feel a profound enthusiasm and a compelling drive to apply the newfound knowledge and make a tangible impact.

Niels Vankrunkelsven

On a mission to empower you to seize the opportunities of the energy transition!

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