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Business and strategy

Without purpose no vision and without vision no strategy. What's the best approach to successfully grow your organization?

Artificial Intelligence

Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere

Drivers for Success

Every business is a health business

Christophe Jauquet

Why and how every business should and could become a health business today.

A trip along the yellow brick road of new organization models

Bert Van Wassenhove

A journey along a variety of alternative ways of working, managing and building businesses, from the network economy to sociocracy 3.0

What is Startup to Scaleup lifecycle

Olivier Van Duüren

From Startup to Scalup – the startup-scalup life-cycle, value creation, value capture and value sustainability.

Understand how to transform as a person and business

Olivier Van Duüren

Leaving a Legacy

Kaat Peeters

Re-invent your strategies to boost your impact

Business & Brand Strategy

Isabel Verstraete

How do you do business while taking care of people and planet?

The Meaningful Organisation

Dado Van Peteghem

Moving beyond profit

Crossing Borders

Cyriel Kortleven

What can your organisation learn from other industries & other surprising sources?

Putting transforming while performing into action

Olivier Van Duüren

- Help you to Transform while Performing (Why)
- Accelerate the co-creation and adoption of your Strategy and Culture (What)
- Mix of Visualisation, Inspiration, Facilitation and Co-Creation (How)

Setting up ecosystem strategies for sustainable growth

Dado Van Peteghem

The power of the network for enterprises

Strategic Storytelling

Barbara Rogoski

Integrating Strategic Storytelling into Your Business Can Make a Difference


Erwin Van den Brande

Organizations are seeking other, new, original and authentic ways to set up their marketing, boost their brand, foster innovation and initiate research. The arts and culture can help in many ways.

Introduction to the CARE Principles

Isabel Verstraete

How can you grow your business while enhancing a positive impact on people & planet? 

How to scale your business to your first million euro in revenues

Véronique Bockstal

Véronique talks about the three things you need in order to scale your business to your first million euro in revenues. She developed a methodology, called the 3M-roadmap with M standing for Mindset, Manpower ('mensen') and Means ('middelen').

Leadership - deciding and letting go

Rik Moons

also during crisis situations

Big Data and Customer Experience

Maarten Vanhoof

Tap into the potential of your data

From idea to product-market fit

Yoav Nir

Testimonial of a Corporate Entrepreneur

Art to find your ikigai

Tom De Ruyck

Acting on your values and realising your purpose through contemporary art

What can you learn from the top 20 Business Transformation of the past decade?

Olivier Van Duüren

Transform while performing

Olivier Van Duüren

To sparkle in your transformation your need to
- See what’s happening at the outside
- Understand how to respond as a person and as a business
- Find balance in performing (operational excellence) while   transforming (innovation excellence)

Building bridges across cultures

Tamara Makoni

How you can harness cultural diversity to fuel business growth

How can companies do well by doing good?

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

The Smart Ecosystem Economy

Rik Vera

How to build a smart ecosystem or how to participate in one?

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