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Mastering the AI-Shock

A strategic view on Artificial Intelligence

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In this era of significant upheavals, the emergence of AI is a pivotal force shaping our future. The rapid rise and adoption of this technology present a dual-edged sword, with the potential for unprecedented (economic) opportunities, while also posing complex challenges.

With the advent of generative AI platforms like OpenAI's ChatGPT, we stand on the brink of what could be the most profound system shock of our times. The implications span across every sector, from healthcare to finance, education to manufacturing, and beyond.

In his presentation, Jo provides an overview of AI's current  applications, illustrating how it's already revolutionizing the way we operate. He raises the crucial strategic questions that business leaders and policymakers must urgently consider as they enter this new landscape. What is the impact of AI on your product or service and how is it changing your competitive position? What are the changing market and client expectations because of AI and are new challengers better equipped to service these needs? How does your internal organization and governance adapt to AI? How will AI impact your job and the way we work?

Moreover, Jo confronts us with the key challenges accompanying AI's rise, such as ethical considerations, workforce displacement, and privacy concerns. Through a balanced lens, this presentation provides you with insightful perspectives on leveraging its potential responsibly.

Expect to leave with a nuanced understanding of AI's capabilities, equipped with the key strategic questions you need to address when introducing AI in your organization.

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Jo Caudron is a renowned keynote speaker and author with a digital career spanning almost 30 years. His mantra is: “a strong vision of the future is the ‘why’ of change”.

As the founder of Belgium's first digital agency, Jo has a rich history as a digital entrepreneur. He created over 2 dozen companies, all active in technology, innovation and transformation.

Jo is a transformation strategist, passionate about navigating the impact of technological and societal disruptions. Through his company Scopernia, he has been assisting organizations in all sectors throughout Europe and the Middle-East in understanding how their world is changing and how they can adapt their core business to be ready for the future..

Jo is the author of six books covering diverse transformational topics. In his book, "The World Is Round," he delves into the significant technological and societal challenges facing our world. Many of the scenarios he describes have already come to fruition due to the Corona crisis, climate disasters, and shifting geopolitical landscape.

His latest book, “De Toekomstformule” (The Future Formula), is a comprehensive exploration of the rapid societal, technological, and economic changes and system shocks the world is facing today. The book serves as a blend of a catalog of global trends, personal insights, and a practical framework for envisioning the future. It presents a method to map out the most significant disruptions of tomorrow, and offers a model for finding solutions through sustainable innovation.

Jo's true passion lies in engaging with people and inspiring them with his message of change and optimism. As a keynote speaker, he has shared his insights on hundreds of stages across Europe.

Jo is happily married, has 2 children and 5 cats, and is an avid music enthusiast with a soft spot for complex progmetal.

Jo Caudron

Digital pioneer with a passion for transformation and strategy. Author, advisor and speaker.

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