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Leaving a Legacy

Re-invent your strategies to boost your impact

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Ever heard of the 17 SDG’s as defined by the UN? And did you know that 83% of the employees put purpose in the workplace in their top 3 motivators, on a much higher position than f.i. ‘reputation for growth’ or ‘distinction’? No? Then you should definitely hear out Kaat’s talk.

Kaat brings a presentation full of inspiration, tools and a strong call-to-action to re-consider your strategies so that your company continues to be successful while boosting positive impact.

‘We don’t inherit the world from our parents, rather we borrow it from our kids’ is a highlighted proverb. If we want to show resilience and contribute to a better world, we have to start today, but how?

This keynote will take you on a trip about why and how you should define more long-term goals, consider how you are changing the world and adopt new strategies that will make the next generations proud on your achievements.

Kaat creates a platform of urgency and brings you strategic and hands-on expertise. This session provides the interactive tool ‘Legacy Canvas’ that will be available to you as a tool for further reflection.

Some of the subjects that Kaat will treat:

  • Awareness about how we all impact the world

  • The importance of thinking in the long term, being innovative and purpose-driven by all means

  • The impact your company has and why it matters to your clients and employees

  • Tips and tricks to increase your positive impact

  • The call-to-action: start today!

You’ll be able to:

  • Define your own impact goals

  • Honestly assess the impact stage your company is at

  • Define strategies to achieve your intended positive impact on the world-

  • Use vocabulary to take your stakeholders in your long-term strategies and boost a mindshift

  • Better the world

Also available as workshop.

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Kaat is an impact maker, author of two books and keynote speaker with a diverse track record in associations, governmental institutes and as an entrepreneur. For 6 years, Kaat managed the Sociale Innovatiefabriek, an accelerator for social innovation and social entrepreneurship. This experience nurtured her belief that everyone is a changemaker and that companies have the duty to deeper reflect about how they impact the world. As a hands-on member of the board of several associations, social enterprises, as well as a member of the jury in international contests, creating an impact has become the baseline of her life. Kaat teaches social innovation at Erasmus University College Bxl and through her consulting organization, Social Impact Projects, Kaat helps impact organizations to design and implement their growth strategies. Kaat is co-author of Zaken die je Raken, an inspiring book about how social make the world a better place. Recently, Kaat released the book Leaving a Legacy. Increase Your Social Impact, co-authored by Omar Mohout. This book is a stepstone in Kaat’s mission to inspire companies about their role as changemaker. “Everyone has the duty and possibility to create a positive impact.” Get inspired by Kaat about how to become a changemaker and leave the world a great legacy.

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