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Kaat Peeters

Keynote speaker on a mission to boost changemakers. Inspirational speeches about strategies for impact

Dutch, English


Speaker, Workshops, Consultant


Impact, Scaling, Leaving a Legacy, Changemaker, Sustainability, Mindshift



Business and strategy


Kaat is an impact maker, author of two books and keynote speaker with a diverse track record in associations, governmental institutes and as an entrepreneur. For 6 years, Kaat managed the Sociale Innovatiefabriek, an accelerator for social innovation and social entrepreneurship. This experience nurtured her belief that everyone is a changemaker and that companies have the duty to deeper reflect about how they impact the world. As a hands-on member of the board of several associations, social enterprises, as well as a member of the jury in international contests, creating an impact has become the baseline of her life. Kaat teaches social innovation at Erasmus University College Bxl and through her consulting organization, Social Impact Projects, Kaat helps impact organizations to design and implement their growth strategies. Kaat is co-author of Zaken die je Raken, an inspiring book about how social make the world a better place. Recently, Kaat released the book Leaving a Legacy. Increase Your Social Impact, co-authored by Omar Mohout. This book is a stepstone in Kaat’s mission to inspire companies about their role as changemaker. “Everyone has the duty and possibility to create a positive impact.” Get inspired by Kaat about how to become a changemaker and leave the world a great legacy.

Presentations and Topics

Business and strategy

Leaving a Legacy

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Re-invent your strategies to boost your impact

Testimonials & References

“Wonderful energy in the room, clear step by step learning about what your next step might be in just 2 hours. You leave the room with a mini legacy statement. You then keep changing it in the week after….” 

Elke Jeurissen, inclusive leadership expert; Fierce Ladies network

“In short, she’s a powerhouse. And it rubs off. I have never left a conversation with Kaat uninspired. On the contrary, she makes you feel like rolling up your sleeves to move mountains in the name of social change.”

Anika Horn, manager of Social Venturers

“The ‘Leave a Legacy’ workshop with Kaat is very hands-on. It not only shows that there’s more to scaling than the obvious upscaling but it also provides language to frame the things that you are already doing.” 

Stefan Goemaere, Papillon Project

“Kaat talks and writes about ‘leaving a legacy’. Others about ‘common good’ or ‘noble purpose’. In my opinion, it’s all about the same impact perspective. Let’s always take this view when we do business, when we spend money, when we live together,…”

Piet Colruyt, Impact Investor and founder of Impact House

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