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A disability-inclusive transition to a low carbon economy

Climate change is not diversity neutral. And when it comes to people with disabilities, they bear the brunt of climate change in ways that go beyond what others experience.

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Discrimination, marginalization, and systemic barriers amplify the effects of climate change on their lives, intensifying their struggles. It's not just about being affected by rising temperatures or extreme weather events. It's about having their basic human rights trampled upon.

Think about it. Food security and nutrition become even more elusive for persons with disabilities. Access to safe drinking water and sanitation becomes a luxury they can't afford. Healthcare services and life-saving medicines slip further out of reach. Education and vocational training, vital for their empowerment, become distant dreams. Adequate housing and decent work become distant illusions, perpetuating a cycle of exclusion and poverty.

But here's the bitter truth: the impacts of climate change don't hit everyone with disabilities equally. Women with disabilities bear the brunt of it all, facing even greater challenges and vulnerabilities. And those already living in poverty? Well, they feel the weight of climate change crushing them even more relentlessly.

It's time to confront this harsh reality. But businesses have a huge role to play. By embracing disability inclusion as an integral part of their sustainability strategies, businesses can contribute to a more equitable, accessible, and sustainable transition to a low-carbon economy. In doing so, they can unlock the potential of individuals with disabilities, foster social responsibility, and drive positive change in society.

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PhD in physical & analytical chemistry, Dr. Ngomsik is a climate change & corporate social responsibility strategist. Dr. Ngomsik is the CEO & co-founder of Trianon Scientific Communication; a management consulting firm that helps businesses with the highest CO2 emissions to reconcile sustainability & profitability. For the last 20 years, she has been working with board members and executives to raise awareness, ingrain CSR in their business strategy, green their operations, train decision makers and explore green innovations. Dr. Ngomsik believes that people, planet, and profit should be tackled concomitantly to answer today’s sustainable challenges. As a matter of fact, diverse leadership and inclusive environments foster innovation, problem-solving skills, produce increased revenue, and decrease CO2 emissions of their organisation faster. This is what she infuses in her practice. In short term, Dr. Ngomsik uses corporate environmental and social sustainability as a medicine for more profitability. Therefore, Dr Ngomsik does not only strategize the way to decrease CO2 emissions of a business, but also increasing inherent & acquired diversity among decision makers of any organisation. Dr. Ngomsik is often sought as a keynote speaker because she excels in communicating complex ideas into easily understandable anecdotes, the way of interacting with the public is always seen as very inclusive and fun, and she is one of the rare speaker able to make the link between the 3P (People, Planet, Profit).

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

TEDx speaker, named “most inspiring women in sustainability”, Audrey-Flore uses science to positively influence businesses to take actions to solve climate change challenges.

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