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How to scale your business to your first million euro in revenues

Véronique talks about the three things you need in order to scale your business to your first million euro in revenues. She developed a methodology, called the 3M-roadmap with M standing for Mindset, Manpower ('mensen') and Means ('middelen').

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In order to get out of the deadzone, the phase in which your business and revenues solely or mainly depend on you as a founder and in which you risk getting stuck if you don't start working on instead of in your company, you need a 3M- roadmap. The right (growth) Mindset, the right and enough Manpower and the necessary financial Means will help you to aim higher, promote yourself from founder to business leader and to grow faster. 

Based on her book 'The one million euro woman', Véronique explains which barriers to growth withhold (female) entrepreneurs from scaling their business and firing themselves as Jill of all trades. More importantly, she digs into how you can overcome these barriers by planning your growth, (re)focus what you offer and gain control over your most precious asset as an entrepreneur, your time.

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Started her first real business at the age of 50 after having traded marketing expertise time for money during 14 years during which she started up, managed and reorganized marketing departments and teams, ranging from 4 tot 40 people, for a wide variety of local and international businesses and sectors. She ventured into the unknown by starting up a wholesale food business. She made – all – the first time entrepreneur mistakes one can imagine, irregardless their age. After three years she sold her start-up, wondering why and how too many female entrepreneurs sabotage the growth of their business. Her research led to the launch of a female-only accelerator programme and a first book ‘The one million euro woman’, in close collaboration with UCLL (KULeuven) where Véronique is a marketing, entrepreneurship and leadership skills lecturer. She talks about scaling your business, self-limiting beliefs and leadership skills.

Véronique Bockstal

Serial entrepreneur, scaling & fundraising coach, author 'De vrouw van 1 miljoen', lecturer marketing & entrepreneurship and researcher female entrepreneurship

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