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Wine with a story tastes better

Navigating the Red Ocean: Lessons from 14 Years in Wine Entrepreneurship

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Experience the richness of a story-infused wine as Kathleen shares her entrepreneurial journey in the red ocean of the wine industry, in search of blue lagoons. 

Drawing from 14 years of experience, she imparts invaluable lessons applicable to entrepreneurs across various industries. 

Join Kathleen as she explores the realms of strategy, marketing, HR, and more—a journey crafted by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. 

Discover how the tales of wine entrepreneurship can inspire and inform your own ventures. Cheers to business with a story

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Kathleen is an entrepreneur in the wine and tourism industry since 2010, as well as an investor in business ventures. Prior to that, she worked as a construction engineer and later as a strategy consultant for 10 years, providing her with diverse roles and experiences within companies across various countries. 

Alongside her professional endeavors, Kathleen is a devoted wife and mother, successfully balancing her personal and career goals while nurturing her wonderful family. This broad range of roles and experiences has equipped Kathleen with great comfort in addressing diverse audiences, allowing her to easily relate and adapt to different contexts. She possesses a deep passion for continuous learning and personal growth, as well as a genuine desire to assist others through sharing lessons learned, offering advice, and providing inspiration. 

Furthermore, Kathleen's love for good wines and enjoyable moments further enhances her ability to connect with people. Kathleen's expertise extends to transforming two wine estates into high-end wine production and tourism ventures, providing her with extensive knowledge of the wine industry. This enables her to host engaging wine tastings on various topics, whether for leisure or educational purposes. Additionally, Kathleen is capable of organizing official wine courses, offering valuable opportunities for individuals seeking to expand their wine knowledge.

Kathleen Van den Berghe

Passionate entrepreneur in the wine and tourism industry

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