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Big Data and Customer Experience

Tap into the potential of your data

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Despite the ubiquity of data, many companies are still failing to harness the full potential of their data. The reasons for this are manifold, from technical limitations to a lack of strategy. Even more striking is how few people understand what (big) data really is and how they can use it creatively to their organization's advantage. 

In this keynote, Dr. Maarten Vanhoof explores different ways of using (big) data to improve the customer experience. He draws on his own rich experiences in using big data analysis for large organizations such as Orange, Uber, South-African Airlines and Eurostat but also on his broad view of our technological landscape. Starting from the question "what exactly is (big) data and how do we link it to customer experience?" you will gradually discover how Maarten's vision on data translates into our world. From new types of services and the rise of data art to political decisions and new opportunities.

In short, in his own style Maarten shows how a top researcher, data designer and actually just a creative jack-of-all-trades looks at what we all call data, but which is actually so much more.

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Dr. Maarten Vanhoof is an expert in (big) data analytics. As a renowned researcher, he's been working with the some of the world's top universities (such as University College London, MIT and NYU) and companies (such as Orange, Foursquare) on their big data challenges. As an adviser, he's been assisting decision makers across the globe (such as UN commissioners, official statisticians, and ministries across the globe). As an entrepreneur, Maarten is building data products (like Local League and data visualizations), running workshops that teach companies how to leverage their data, and he is currently founding his own data consultancy agency. But none of this really matters to you, does it? What matters is that as a speaker, Maarten is that one guy that manages to break down the difficult stuff into its basic principles. Add some refreshing insights on the latest technological trends, mix in some real-life stories, add a dash of creativity and you get the engaging, eye-opening talks only Maarten can deliver. At least, that's what he thinks. He probably is wrong. Biased data you know.

Maarten Vanhoof

Expert in (big data) analytics. Lived in the blackscreen before, now helps people understand.

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