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Explore transformative keynotes and renowned speakers centered around the pivotal theme of change. 

In today's rapidly evolving world, adaptability and embracing change are essential for organizations aiming to stay ahead and thrive. 

Booking a keynote speaker on this topic can catalyze positive transformations, drive organizational change initiatives, and empower teams to embrace new challenges with confidence. 

Discover our curated list of change-focused keynotes and speakers, and embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and success for your organization!

Cyriel Kortleven

The Change Mindset 

Survival kit for professionals in change: staying agile & resilient in change

Najima El Kasmi

Leadership in Change

Turning resistance into growth

Cedric Dumont

Dare to jump!

Empower success in times of disruption: dare, lead, grow and flow

Marnick Vandebroek

The Winning Mindset for leaders

How to deal with change and prime your team and yourself for success

Saskia Van Uffelen

Dare to change

How long can you manage your organisation, your team or your life without changing anything fundamental? Dare for the future!

Lieven Van Linden

Reframe your routines

Break the habit of being yourself

Olivier Van Duüren

Understand how to transform as a person and business

Jo Caudron

The Future Formula

In search of the rules of tomorrow.

Tom Dijckmans

Surfing the waves of changes

Workshop for managers and leadership

Stefaan van Hooydonk

Master Your Curiosity to Master Your Life

For professionals

Olivier Van Duüren

Transform while performing

To sparkle in your transformation your need to
- See what’s happening at the outside
- Understand how to respond as a person and as a business
- Find balance in performing (operational excellence) while   transforming (innovation excellence)

Wim Smets

The only way is up

How to improve the agility and resilience of people in a changing world.

Cyriel Kortleven

Making Change Simple

Embrace the power of Simplification to boost the effectiveness of change initiatives. Make it Specific, Smooth & Small.

Florence Pérès

Change Hacking

Embrace change and challenges in the workplace

Elke Geraerts

The New Now

Building Resilience in a World Where Change is the Only Constant

Erwin Van den Brande

From Art Thinking to Game Changing

Many leaders want to change the game of the market in which they are operating and make an impact on society. These challenges require creativity and innovation.

Alain Thys

Industry 4.0. as an answer for the customer’s expectations in 2025

Julie Heyvaert

Leading in times of change


Tom Dijckmans

Surfing the waves of change

Workshop for coworkers

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