Tom De Ruyck

Tom’s talks will challenge your thinking and spark your view on the future of business & customer experience in this dynamic and high-tech world.

With 100 talks per year, Tom De Ruyck’s keynotes have inspired marketing and research professionals across the globe to future-proof their way of working. He has spoken in 45 countries and on 6 continents at major business, marketing, technology and consumer insights events. Next to being Managing Partner at InSites Consulting, Tom is a teaching Professor at different business schools in Europe.

He is co-author of 'The Consumer Consulting Board' and published over 80 white papers, articles in academic journals, business books and trade magazines. Tom was awarded for his work many times, amongst others by the American Marketing Association, ESOMAR and the CMO Council USA and Asia.



Dutch, English

Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience, Business, Strategy & Management, Post-Corona Future


Speaker, Trainer


Market Research, Consumer Insights, Consumer Centricity, Consumer Behavior

Presentations and Topics

‘Pause, Play & Fast Forward’  

Understanding Consumers in Times of Crisis

In times of uncertainty and rapid change, brands may be unsure if and how to integrate the voice of consumers into their decision making. Whilst these unusual times call for unusual measures, the need to stay connected is ever present. Consumer-centricity is key, now more than ever.

‘Welcome to the Age of Relevance’  

How to become a Consumer-led Business

Today’s consumer and business reality are putting brands increasingly under pressure. Relevance is key! Join the ‘Copernican Brand Revolution’ where consumers are the center of marketing, not the brand itself. Learn why and how you can benefit from consumer centricity and being consumer-led.

‘Building a Better Business Together’  

4 Characteristics of a Future Proof Organization

Businesses are being confronted with a Transformation Tsunami. They need to be able to adapt constantly in order to survive rapid change. But is it enough to adapt to the next megatrend, to adopt the next-big-technology-thing and to slightly tweak your business model? Probably not… In order to be future-proof, we need to design organizations that are ready for change. In his new keynote talk, Tom will elaborate on how to create a culture of innovation and what the characteristics are of future-proof organizations.

‘Blinded by Technology’  

Why the Future of Business is Machines + … Humans

Technology is driving business transformation. Yet, are we blinded by technology? To ensure future success, businesses need to focus on human skills too. In this presentation, Tom discusses the most important soft skills for the 21st century like ‘creativity’, ‘imagination’, ‘curiosity’ and ‘empathy’.

Testimonials & References

Tom’s talk was a nice mix of trends and practical, everyday examples to illustrate the continuous change and urgency to adapt. Tom’s presentation really stood out, both in content and how it was presented. 

Arjan van de Bovenkamp; Air France KLM  

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Tom de Ruyck as a speaker. He spoke at our Unleashing Innovation and Unleashing Data summits. His style of presenting is very inspirational and unique. As an organiser of the event, I have received many positive comments about Tom's presentations. He is very cooperative, helpful and a real PRO!

Victoria Twint - Event Manager, Global Executives Events

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