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Keynotes and speakers on 

Art & Creativity

Discover captivating keynotes and esteemed speakers centered around the enriching theme of art and creativity. 

In today's dynamic and competitive landscape, harnessing the power of creativity has become a crucial aspect for organizations striving for innovation, growth, and success. 

Booking a keynote speaker on this topic can inspire teams, foster a culture of innovation, and unlock hidden potentials within your organization. 

Explore our curated list of keynotes and speakers dedicated to igniting creativity and unleashing the artistic genius in your team!

Erwin Van den Brande


Organizations are seeking other, new, original and authentic ways to set up their marketing, boost their brand, foster innovation and initiate research. The arts and culture can help in many ways.

Erwin Van den Brande

Art, Technology and Science

Art as a critical thinker’s “second opinion” on digital revolution

Erwin Van den Brande

From Art Thinking to Game Changing

Many leaders want to change the game of the market in which they are operating and make an impact on society. These challenges require creativity and innovation.

Tom De Ruyck

Find your ‘Ikigai’ through art

Acting on your values and realizing your purpose through art

Fredo De Smet

Roll over Beethoven

The problem with creativity

ianka fleerackers

Boost your creativity, unlock your curiosity

Boost the engine that keeps you motivated, creative, innovative and resilient!

Martine Reyners

Discover your voice

Experience a harmonious team

Stefaan van Hooydonk

Master Your Curiosity to Master Your Life

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