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The problem with creativity

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Creativity is an often misunderstood word, something that blocks rather than motivates people and organisations. In this talk you'll learn about the problem of creativity and how to unlock innovation in your company or organisation.

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Fredo - born Frédéric - De Smet graduated in 2001 with a master's degree in Art Science and History, on a philosophical essay questioning the value of reality. This was based on a study about art, film, postmodern philosophy and popular culture. While writing this manifest, Fredo started working as head of production at the local radio The passion for pop culture resulted in an upbeat career in the local nightlife. After working as a music producer and curator for over a decade, passing through the cities of Paris, London, Barcelona, New York and others, Fredo engaged in experiential marketing. He developed several initiatives to connect media and audiences (virtual reality, audio stories, Art Fair, conferences), this both as freelance creative and as the entrepreneur behind the concept agency Avenue L. In the last few years, Fredo has been working as an independent curator & consultant on human/technology relations. In 2015 he started working as an advisor at the public broadcaster VRT and as advising curator for Hello, Robot at Design Museum Ghent. In addition, he manages Gent M, an online publisher/thinktank that expresses views about the ethical and actual impact of technology on our lives through a podcast, among other things. He'll help you focus on what is not visible.

Fredo De Smet

Ask him anything about technology, change and creativity. But also about culture, both in society and organisations.

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