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The problem with creativity

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Creativity is an often misunderstood word, something that blocks rather than motivates people and organisations. In this talk you'll learn about the problem of creativity and how to unlock innovation in your company or organisation.

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Fredo, originally Frédéric De Smet, embarked on his journey after graduating in 2001 with a master's degree in Art Science and History. His academic pursuits centered on a philosophical exploration questioning the intrinsic value of reality, drawing from interdisciplinary studies in art, film, postmodern philosophy, and popular culture. Concurrently, Fredo delved into the professional realm as the head of production at local radio station, marking the inception of his diverse career trajectory.

His inherent passion for pop culture steered Fredo towards a vibrant career in the local nightlife scene. Over a decade, he transitioned from a music producer and curator, traversing cities such as Paris, London, Barcelona, New York, and others, all while shaping his understanding of media, audiences, and experiential marketing strategies. This culminated in the development of innovative initiatives spanning virtual reality experiences, audio narratives, art fairs, and conferences, both as a freelance creative and as the entrepreneurial force behind Avenue L, a concept agency.

In recent years, Fredo has carved a niche as an independent curator and consultant specializing in human-technology relations. His insights and expertise led him to advisory roles at esteemed institutions such as the public broadcaster VRT and as an advising curator for the acclaimed Hello, Robot exhibition at Design Museum Ghent. Furthermore, Fredo spearheads Gent M, an online publisher and think tank that critically examines the ethical and tangible impacts of technology on society, showcased through platforms like podcasts.

Fredo's unique perspective and multidisciplinary background enable him to shed light on the unseen aspects of our evolving relationship with technology, guiding individuals and organizations to navigate the complexities of this rapidly changing landscape.

Fredo De Smet

Ask him anything about technology, change and creativity. But also about culture, both in society and organisations.

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