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Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere

Mieke is an extraverted nerd, the engineer who balances profit, people and planet within all digitalisation efforts.

German, Dutch, English, French


Speaker, Moderator, Host, Trainer


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, Human Computation, Ethics, Diversity, Neuroscience, Cognitive Marketing, Business Development, Lifelong Learning



Business and strategy


Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere is Adjunct Professor at Vlerick Business School. She holds a master degree in civil and industrial engineering and specialised in robotics and artificial intelligence during her studies. Over the last 30 years, she has worked for several multinationals on all aspects of data and analytics (IBM, Microsoft, SAP, SAS, etc). From a business consulting point of view, she is specialised in defining the AI business canvas, from potential value to predefined risks. With her understanding of the hindsight, insight and foresight of AI technologies, she also frequently acts as an expert and coach behind the scenes. In her public presentations and recent book, Mieke puts the focus on the demystification of the hype around AI. The State Secretary of Digitalisation, Mathieu Michel, appointed Mieke as "Digital Mind" in 2020. In 2022 and 2023, Mieke was runner-up in the selection "ICT Personality of the Year" in Belgium. Today, Mieke continues to share her vision on the future of AI as speaker on international radio, television, and conferences.

Presentations and Topics

Business and strategy

Artificial Intelligence

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Drivers for Success

Technology, transformation & innovation

The good, the bad and the ugly of AI

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AI has existed for some time, but we are coming to the tipping point: the popularity increases over time, yet there is tension caused by the negative effects of or fear for AI.

HR, company culture & leadership

Me, myself and my AI

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For the successful adoption of AI, we need more female leaders. Why? As AI projects succeed on 4 factors (data, technology, people and processes), women normally possess the right qualities to lead projects to build real-world AI products more successfully as they fully master the enablement of an environment for collaboration and inclusion.

Technology, transformation & innovation

Generative AI

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Hype, hope or hazard?

Testimonials & References

Mieke is a unique blend of knowledgeable, thoughtful, and passionate. She explains complex and delicate matters in a simple manner, tailoring her message to the target audience. Mieke was a lot of fun to work with.

Frederik De Bosschere, Strategy lead at In The Pocket

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