Cyriel Kortleven

Boosting the Change Mindset and Simplifier

Cyriel Kortleven is on a mission in life: boosting the creative & entrepreneurial mindset of leaders & professionals in change.

Cyriel is an award-winning global keynote speaker for conferences, client events and leadership development meetings. With almost 20 years of hands-on experience in the domain of creativity and innovation, he has already inspired organisations - like Bayer, Nike, IKEA, NASA, Unilever - in 33 different countries on 5 continents.

Cyriel is the living embodiment of engagement, using a lot of interaction and humor. He is a simplifier who delivers a simple, pragmatic message and leaves his audience with helpful tools and useful language.

His mantra: "Don't mind the Change. Change your Mind.”





Dutch, English

Mental Resilience & Wellbeing, HR & Company Culture, Business, Strategy & Management


Change Mindset, Staying agile & resilient in change, Crossing Borders, No More Boring Webinars

Presentations and Topics

The Change Mindset 

Survival kit for professionals in change: staying agile & resilient in change

Every day, we're confronted with new challenges: global competition; demanding clients; new technologies; ...  

We need professionals who dare to leave their comfort zone and suspend their judgement. We need professionals who explore the world from a different perspective and can turn problems into opportunities. We need professionals who get into action and who aren’t scared to fail fast, often and forward by experimenting with BaNano actions. 

Are you one of those professionals?  

YES ... suspend your judgement to break fixed thinking patterns. AND … explore the world from a different perspective to generate new ideas. ACT … take small actions because the key to real innovation is doing experiments & fail fast, often & forward.  

In this interactive and entertaining presentation, you will get the spark, tools and language to influence others to be more creative & entrepreneurial and give a big boost to your own Change Mindset. 

Yes And Act … Now.

Crossing Borders

What can your organisation learn from other industries & other surprising sources?

Our society faces many major challenges. Many of them are complex, also called 'wicked problems'. To solve them, cross-over cooperation between silos and sectors is crucial. Designing these collaborations and finding new solutions needs a new discipline: cross-industry innovation.  

During this entertaining and inspiring presentation, you will explore a simple process & concrete tools to 'translate' solutions from different industries & other surprising resources to your own business. Cyriel will boost your skills to broaden your perspective and give you tips and tools to use out-of-the-ordinary resources to discover new ideas.

No More Boring Webinars

Tools to create interaction and engagement in online sessions

In 99 minutes, you will get 21,5 interactive methods to boost the engagement during your own webinars. Most methods that he will share are very simple (you don't have to be a technical wizard), easy to implement and requires between 1-5 minutes of your 'valuable' meeting time but will boost the attention span of your audience.   

Cyriel has used his experience as an international keynote speaker - known for his energy, interaction & connection with the audience - to collect and finetune a series of simple methods to create more engagement & grab attention during digital sessions.

Testimonials & References

“Cyriel is pro-active, interested, easy to work with and a pleasant person. Cyriel got the highest score of all speakers with a 4,6/5 followed by comments such as "Absolutely brilliant", "By far the best inspiration and needed session", "Excellent thinking",...This says it all and makes my day." 

Michael Nielsen - organiser HRcoreAcademy @ Teneo Meetings 

"Cyriel worked with the Belgian Unilever Change Leaders on innovative and creative thinking. He delivered a splendid and energizing keynote presentation and afterwards facilitated a workshop in which we developed new ideas and solutions for some Unilever challenges. A great experience. “ 

Sabine Blanchet - Country HR manager @ Unilever 

"Cyriel is able to apply enormous amounts of creativity to his sessions. Whether it's about behaviour, strategy, team-spirit or out-of-the-box-thinking, it's always worthwhile exchanging thoughts with Cyriel!” 

Peter Lathouwers - Europe Business Intelligence Director @ Nike  

"Cyriel's approach and insights into "how to succeed in business" is fresh and exciting! He teaches with humor down to earth tools that can easily be used by graduates to seasoned business professionals. With less effort, you get better results - a winning formula! South African's thoroughly enjoyed his unique approach!” 

Julia Cook - director Global Corporate Leadership @ DUKE Corporate University 

“Cyriel is in a league of his own! His energy, enthusiasm and passion towards delivering an interactive, educational and fun keynote presentation are undeniable, leaving a lasting and memorable impact on attendees.” 

Daniel Merza - speaker @ Different thinking Events

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