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Julie Brown

Polar expedition coordinator and captivating storyteller, illuminating the parallels between polar expeditions and corporate challenges

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English, Dutch

Polar Experience, Leadership, Resilience


Julie Brown, born in 1964 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, is a founding partner and managing director of Polar Circles/Polar Experience expedition activities since 1999. With extensive experience in polar exploration, she serves as a project manager and communications director for her team of polar guides. In addition to expedition management, Julie specializes in developing and delivering corporate activities, including keynote presentations and inspiring motivational speeches to diverse audiences.

Fluent in English as her native language, Julie is also proficient in Flemish/Dutch as her second language and conversational in French. Her unique ability to translate the rich metaphors from ambitious polar expeditions into relevant lessons for the business world adds an unexpected spark to any event. With over 20 years of public speaking experience, Julie excels in connecting with live audiences, particularly during spontaneous Q&A sessions, where she shares real anecdotes and visual stimulation from polar expeditions.

Julie's journey into polar exploration began under the guidance of Dixie Dansercoer (1962 – 2021) during her first polar expedition to Antarctica in 2000, which included a Mount Vinson ascent. Since then, she has served as the project coordinator for various expeditions, such as the Bering Strait Odyssey in 2005, In the Wake of the Belgica in 2007-2008, Antarctic ICE in 2011-2012, and Greenland ICE in 2014.

Beyond expedition management, Julie has also contributed to polar expedition cruises as a lecturer and guide in regions including the Antarctic Peninsula, Greenland, Svalbard, and Norway. Collaborating with Dixie, she has led corporate ICE Campaigns in Iceland, Spitsbergen, and Switzerland.

Julie is not only an experienced explorer but also a prolific writer, having published several expedition-related accounts since 1998. In 2014, she co-authored "Surpassing Sastrugi," a book that draws relevant parallels for corporate audiences. Julie also maintains the Polar Experience blog, sharing insights and experiences from her expeditions.

Julie was married to Dixie Dansercoer for 22 years until his passing in June 2021. Together, they have four children: Jasper, Evelien, Thijs, and Robin. Recently, they welcomed their first grandchild, Ender Dixie Dansercoer, into their family.


Unleashing Leadership Potential

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Navigating Success Through Self-Leadership

Embracing Diversity: on complicity and inclusion

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Fostering collaboration across cultures, genders, and generations

Unleashing Excellence: on empowering authentic (out)performance

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Achieving grand goals through discipline and determination

Thriving Amidst Turbulence

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Navigating Constant Change and Overcoming Adversity with Polar Expedition Wisdom

Uniting Forces: Team Building and Collaboration

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Nurturing cohesion and empowering teams to achieve extraordinary results

Innovating grief / legacy

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Transforming loss into a legacy of resilience

Julie spoke at the event of the European Society of Association Executives last night and gave participants food for thought at all levels. This was a highly inspirational and soulful presentation and I hope you will have the occasion to hear, book or recommend her as a public speaker.

Line Jubert

I had the pleasure of welcoming Julie at our Welcome and Restart company event for a keynote session with our Belgian based lawyers and business professionals. It was an outstanding session which left many participants truly energized. Julie has the capacity to naturally inspire people by connecting them with the very essence of life. The communication style she uses for this is very natural, effective, clear and to-the-point. She manages to get the right message across while keeping a true connection with her audience at all times. I highly recommend Julie as a public speaker or if you are looking for an inspiring leadership guide. Thank you, Julie, and looking forward to collaborating with you many more times in the future!

Anne Dewilde

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