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Goedele Leyssen

4 x author, speaker, yoga and meditation trainer, holistic nutritionist and self-care expert

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Speaker, Trainer, Workshops, Consultant, Coach

Dutch, English

Yoga, Meditation, Wellbeing, Energy Management, Habits & Rituals, Nutrition


Goedele Leyssen worked for 12 years as a journalist. An opportunity to go to India for a story about yoga and meditation changed the course of her life. Back home, she followed a training to become a yoga and meditation teacher. Because Goedele strongly believes in a holistic approach of health and wellbeing, she also trained as a nutritionist. Between 2014 and 2019, she wrote 4 healthy lifestyle books and started to give keynotes and facilitate workshops. Together with a US naturopathic doctor, she launched an online anti-burnout coaching program for high performing professionals. Goedele believes self-care is the foundation for long lasting success and happiness in life. Her greatest joy is helping people build rituals for more resilience and deep inner peace.


Stress yourself

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Stress is not your enemy; it is an opportunity for self-development and growth.

Boost your (physical) energy!

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How to stay energized throughout your (working) day

Build new success habits & rituals

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Rituals help you to optimize your time and ensure that your body and mind are working to their full potential

Body Detox

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Healthy Online Teambuilding! Cook together!
Learn what you can do to reset your body after the end of year festivities.

30 days Mental Energy Challenge

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Start to meditate together with your team! Let meditation help you and your colleagues to navigate through these challenging times.

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