Veerle Dobbelaere

Human behaviour and emotions have no secrets for Veerle, since she masters them being an actress. As a professional certified coach she uses this experience to improve collaborators' well-being.



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Resilience & wellbeing


As an actress, she is very aware of her breathing, which is the basis of how she uses her body as an instrument to play a role. As a coach, she is acquainted with the impact of stress on the body and she uses the breath, which is a superpower for everyone at hand, to get more rest, which is needed for growth.

She resumed this knowledge in her book ADEMRUIMTE.

By becoming aware of emotions and what they do to our body, by observing our thoughts and learning to have more control over them, by breathing away tension from our body, we can literally create more space. Space to deal with stress and enjoy our work, colleagues, family, friends, children, love partner, health ... and above all: more of life.

Veerle has more than 10 years of experience in the business world, developed numerous workshops and trainings around wellbeing, creativity and communication. Now, with her webinar 'How do I create more breathing space mentally and emotionally?' (Dutch only), you will be able to invest in the most important capital of your company: people.

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Resilience & wellbeing


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Hoe creëer ik mentaal en emotioneel meer ademruimte?

Testimonials & References

Liesje Berteloot: 

Ik volgde enkele sessies rond Ademruimte bij Veerle. Ik vond haar aanpak heel fijn: heel toegankelijk voor iedereen. Ik kon er zo enkele bruikbare oefeningen mbt ademhaling en mindfullness uitpikken om in het dagelijkse leven toe te passen. En die oefeningen kwamen al goed van pas!   

Debbie Baute: 

Veerle is a terrific coach! She combines creativity and fun with a talent to spot what is really going on... she immediately puts her finger on the sore spot and has a disarming way of telling things the way they are... always with real care and respect for her clients.  

Kim de Bock: 

Ik wou je nog even bedanken voor de fijne en inspirerende sessie van dinsdag. Ik was heel blij dat het zo laagdrempelig en toegankelijk was door de theorie beperkt te houden en de deelnemers aan de lijve te laten ervaren wat de impact van onze ademhaling kan zijn om te ontspannen en te ontstressen. De 2 metaforen (van de fles en de pedalen) waren heel sterk en zijn ook bij mij echt blijven hangen.

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