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Gerrie Smits

Chief Curiosity Officer. Intrigued by the impact of tech on business, people & society. Author/Facilitator/Speaker.

Dutch, English


Speaker, Host, Moderator, Trainer, Workshops


Sustainable business, Ethics, Fair value, Organisation design, Collaboration, Humanity, User-centricity, Zag to the Zig, Impact, Framing, Tangible, Blockchain



Business and strategy; Sales, marketing & customer experience; Technology, transformation & innovation


Clients have called Gerrie accessible, enthusiastic and able to bring complex things in a simple way. He can live with that. He loves challenging the status quo, but is also experienced (read: old) enough to understand the value of common sense. Gerrie has got 25 years of experience in industries that got disrupted by the internet, which makes him a hands-on expert in dealing with the impact of 'digital'. Through his talks and workshops he's inspired and helped a variety of clients, ranging from FMCG corporates to AI start-ups, from government agencies to the World Chambers Congress. While he's in top of digital trends, the words he uses (too) often are 'user', 'why' and 'alignment'. A few years ago, he was so intrigued by blockchain, that he wrote a book about it ('Blockchain is WTF'). Before he fell in love with digital, he wrote about music, made television, founded 2 companies during his 15 years in London and was a civil servant. #generalist

Presentations and Topics

Technology, transformation & innovation

Metaverse: immerse or curse?

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If a giant like Facebook/Meta decides to pivot and embrace a tech trend, it's worth paying attention. But what is 'the Metaverse' and what does it mean for your business?

Technology, transformation & innovation

Is Web3 a fad or is it fundamental?

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Discover the building blocks of Web3 and the impact on your business

Technology, transformation & innovation

The future of finance

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Sales, marketing & customer experience

The Customer of The Now-Future

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In this talk, Gerrie shows you how to understand consumer-centric trends to use them in your own context. Don’t pre-dict, but start pre-pare for the now-future.

Sales, marketing & customer experience

Customer Centricity is rubbish. Long live Customer Centricity.

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There’s more to Customer Centricity than your customer.

Testimonials & References

Been awhile since I had an AHA moment like I did on stage when you were speaking  

Julia Glidden, CVP Microsoft  

I just witnessed the PERFECT explanation of the blockchain is and it starts with an orange 

Doron Wesly, Chief Marketing Officer.   

That was awesome. Exactly what we needed: clear and full of energy  

Senior Executive SAP  

Simply a fantastic book ! 

(impartial) tech journalist who prefers to stay anonymous

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