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Is Web3 a fad or is it fundamental?

Discover the building blocks of Web3 and the impact on your business

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Forget NFTs and crypto. Web3 is more than JPEGs on a blockchain. But why are people so excited about this 'new internet’?

Since he wrote a book about blockchain in 2017 and got known for doing on-stage blockchain role-plays with an orange, Gerrie has been intrigued about the potential of this technology. Sure, it gave us crypto and NFTs. 🥱 But the real fundamental impact of Web3 lies a lot deeper. 

In this talk Gerrie will unravel the building blocks of Web3 and give an idea of how it can impact the way we do business together, how it can trigger data/AI ecosystems and how it can contribute to fair value creation. But as with any hype, how realistic is it? 

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Clients have called Gerrie accessible, enthusiastic and able to bring complex things in a simple way. He can live with that. He loves challenging the status quo, but is also experienced (read: old) enough to understand the value of common sense. Gerrie has got 25 years of experience in industries that got disrupted by the internet, which makes him a hands-on expert in dealing with the impact of 'digital'. Through his talks and workshops he's inspired and helped a variety of clients, ranging from FMCG corporates to AI start-ups, from government agencies to the World Chambers Congress. While he's in top of digital trends, the words he uses (too) often are 'user', 'why' and 'alignment'. A few years ago, he was so intrigued by blockchain, that he wrote a book about it ('Blockchain is WTF'). Before he fell in love with digital, he wrote about music, made television, founded 2 companies during his 15 years in London and was a civil servant. #generalist

Gerrie Smits

Chief Curiosity Officer. Intrigued by the impact of tech on business, people & society. Author/Facilitator/Speaker.

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