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Metaverse: immerse or curse?

If a giant like Facebook/Meta decides to pivot and embrace a tech trend, it's worth paying attention. But what is 'the Metaverse' and what does it mean for your business?

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In this talk we'll unpack the tech, the hype and the potential impact. 

  • What is the Metaverse? Is it more than some gaming? 

  • What's the fuzz about? Why are people paying more for a virtual handbag than for the real deal?  Why did 33 million people watch a Lil Nas X 'concert' on Roblox? 

  • What are businesses like Nike and BMW and  doing with it? What about advertising? What about digital real estate? 

  • What about my industry? What can and should your business do? 

  • How is it related to NFTs and Web3? 

  • ...

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Clients have described Gerrie as accessible, enthusiastic, and adept at simplifying complex concepts. He embraces this characterization. He enjoys challenging the status quo while also appreciating the value of common sense, a trait that comes with experience (or as some might say, age).

With 25 years of experience in industries disrupted by the internet, Gerrie has become a hands-on expert in navigating the digital landscape. His expertise has benefitted various clients, spanning from FMCG corporates to AI startups and from government agencies to the World Chambers Congress.

While he remains up-to-date with digital trends, he tends to frequently use words like 'user,' 'why,' and 'alignment.' His fascination with blockchain led him to write a book about it ('Blockchain is WTF').

Prior to his immersion in digital, Gerrie's diverse background included writing about music, producing television, founding two companies during his 15 years in London, and serving as a civil servant.

Gerrie Smits

Chief Curiosity Officer. Intrigued by the impact of tech on business, people & society. Author/Facilitator/Speaker.

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