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Corporate end of year festivities: data, tips and inspiration for more impact than a hangover alone

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Work hard, play hard... It may sound like a cliché, but the play part has never been taken more seriously than today, in this post-confinement era. Employers are focused on employee engagement and are willing to cough up quite a bit of budget to end the year in beauty or start the new year with bravado. They've read the studies and know that employee engagement leads to revenue growth, increased productivity and significantly better retention rates. So festivities are being prepared and money is being spent, but little to no studies show what a good format is for these kinds of celebrations. Speakersbase did some research and comes up with suggestions and inspiration.

Update 16/11/21:

Though working from home is mandatory again for 4 days out of 5, the recommendations in this post remain valid. Now more than ever it is important to pay attention to the need and expectations of your employees.

Speakersbase organized a survey in order to find out what people really want. Is it extreme sports? A smashing party? Or boardgames perhaps? We limited ourselves to one simple question: What does your ideal company event for the end of year period look like? We presented the respondents with 4 possible answers:

  • a party

  • giving back to society

  • inspiration and fun

  • I'd rather stay at home

The results are somewhat surprising. With the rise of corporate social responsibility we had anticipated that at least some voters would have voiced an interest in option two, but this was not the case. On the contrary, the vast majority opted for the combination of inspiration and fun, while about one third is still in favor of an old school party.

In all honesty, we admit we are happy with this outcome. After all, Speakerbase's baseline is inspire, learn and grow. So, why let a good opportunity go to waste? Why not combine a gathering of (part of) your staff with something that brings added value for your organization? It is the ideal moment not only to energize and create a sense of togetherness, but also to promote the company’s brand values and to embed company culture. After all, your company culture needs to be more than a few inspirational posters on a wall. If companies practice what they preach, an employee event can be a great way to bring your brand to life and let your employees feel the company they work for.

Speakersbase sees it as its mission to prepare organizations for a bright future and to instigate change. What's a better way than getting started with a memorable event? Its impact will long outlive the hangover. We are more than happy to exchange views on what motivational keynote fits best with your organization. For your inspiration and convenience we've already come up with a shortlist.

[addition 16/11/21] Don't think too restrictive about events. Also hybrid or virtual formats have proven to be effective and successful. All our keynotes speakers are experienced with digital formulas.

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